BEWARE OF THE DISH NETWORK SCAM!?! Don't Let This Happen To You Too | why won’t youtube work on my firestick | #BEWARE #DISH #NETWORK #SCAM #Don39t #Happen | 2022

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#BEWARE #DISH #NETWORK #SCAM #Don39t #Happen , BEWARE OF THE DISH NETWORK SCAM!?! Don't Let This Happen To You Too | why won’t youtube work on my firestick | On Youtube Video | 2022

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BEWARE OF THE DISH NETWORK SCAM!?! Don't Let This Happen To You Too
Hey everyone, Here is a quick story of how my friend got scammed from a salesman from Dish Network and the management let it happen. Beware because you will get scammed too.

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why won’t youtube work on my firestick

Hey everyone, Here is a quick story of how my friend got scammed from a salesman from Dish Network and the management let it happen. Beware because you will get scammed too.

My etsy store, beard oil and more.

If you guys like the gear I wear in the video help me out and order some from the links below, thanks a lot for all of the support you all give me.

Keeping It Dutch
P.O. Box 492
Pryor Ok, 74362

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  1. A 76 yo widow ask me to come next door and help figure out what was wrong with her TV . And they had got her on scam . It wasn't the same deal as your friend but just as bad.

  2. Esther Wolf says:

    Don't ever go with Viasat either, 475 neg reviews, big rip off

  3. Johnny Johns says:

    Well it gets worse with DISH. The longer you stay with Dish the more you get fuckked. Our monthly bill is double what it used to be. The raised the bill every time I turn around just because they can. We have been loyal to them and it hasn't paid off at all. We'd be better off switching every couple year's so you can get the adorable $60 and $70 monthly bill…… Instead of the $130 they now charge. It used to be like $50 in the beginning

  4. The first clue was the salesman expecting your friend to play CSR Roulette every month. That rarely ends well.

  5. Well I don't believe this is a Dish network scam. I believe it was a Salesman doing whatever he needs to do to make his sales and commission. I wouldn't blame Dish, I would blame whomever dish farms out their work to…

  6. Sly333 says:

    This sounds like the same garbage Xfinity does they always try to tell you bs just so they can A get the initial sale if they Happen to resign you and b to make sure they do and say whatever they can to keep you as a customer they don't give a crap if you don't actually get whatever deal it was They told you from now on make sure they send you something written because not even voice recordings is enough evidence for these snakes. Whenever you're planning on switching companies never ever tell them you're planning to switch if anything just let them know you're unhappy with their services and if they try and give you the run around and try and upsell you bs deals like this it's not because they genuinely care about you being/staying a customer they just don't want to lose the sale whenever they know why your cancelling akanif you tell them you're switching they will try ten times harder to make it difficult for you to switch including bs u but just keep your answers short and clear no thank you I am not interested I am unhappy with the current service I am getting I would like to cancel please they will keep throwing deals and throwing deals at you until they get the message in the end that your seriously leaving them. Xfinity has been guilty of this as well one agent will tell you one thing then the next one acts like your crazy and their agents would never say such things. I had called once to try and figure out if a phone call I was getting was genuinely from Xfinity and the agent I spoke with through chat supposedly had no idea why I was being called there were no logs in their records and according to agent everything was fine with my account I gave him the number that was calling me anyways he assured me that it could possibly be a scammer to not worry and that they will investigate the calls I went about my day only for my service to be completely shut off and cancelled by another agent I called trying to figure out what was wrong and another agent came and told me there was a supposed old bill of $808 that I owed I was shocked as I had been with a different service before Xfinity I was using T-Mobile and they claimed I supposedly had cable with Xfinity at an address I wasn't living at 3 months before I even got Xfinity apparently when I made my new account they merged my account with the last person who was living at the address and slapped my name on their old bill which made me so enraged instead of fixing the issue they just sat and argued with me about my name being on it when that was the entire problem absolutely none of the information was mine but instead of asking for my account number they rather argue about it I explained again about the mysterious phone calls I previously had and how the agent before told me that my account was fine and that it may have been a scam an that they would investigate the freaking lady over the phone had the nerve to say who told you that? Our agents would never say that they would investigate anything I asked if they were going to bother solving the issue and asked if I should've just stayed with T-Mobile for them to be treating customers like this especially customers who haven't been with them for years and finally decided to come back she had the nerve to say well I really think you're going to have to just go with a new carrier/provider/service.
    I was so furious I just hung up seems like no matter what company your dealing with the customer service just seems to say whatever lies come out of their butts to either squeeze money out of you or lie to make you stay. I only had service for 4 days and they are trying to charge me for the entire month PLUS the old bill of whoever was previously living here even though it wasn't even my account they said it was merely because of the address I kept mentioning that what I wanted to know as why my name was being slapped on the previous owners old bill and there kept going on and on about possible identity theft maybe I had a relative who used my info ten million excuses I instantly knew they were lying out of their ass it was over 2+ years that I hadn't been with them at all and magically they slapped the old owner of the houses bill onto me I had asked the agent what I needed to do to remove the block on my new account and she mentioned I SUPPOSEBLY had to mail them evidence that I recently moved into the house but even after I provided evidence that I was indeed not owner of that old bill nor the person who was previously living here that I was STILL responsibilie for paying that past due bill I yelled so even if a new person signs up for your services and there was a previous person living at that new location even if they don't match somehow the new person who moves into the house is responsible for the previous owners account/bill? She had the nerve to tell me yes I instantly knew she was full of 💩 going back to Xfinity was the biggest mistake of my life it wasn't right for them to throw the previous owners bill on me just because I moved into the new house after them and decided to get Xfinity as soon as they saw the address they immediately figured it was the same person and somehow slapped my name onto their old account and now I'm stuck with two bills when I only got service for 4 measly days not cool I immediately reported it to the BBB if there was anything further I could think to do I would this was by far the worst mistreatment I have ever received after returning to a service I have had any in the past and not even they were this bad. Now I hear dish and so many others doing the same thing having one agent say one thing then the next gaslighting you that they supposedly never said that. Not only did all that happen to me but they kept switching up the amount I supposedly owed first agent said $808 then second said $500
    Idk what happened but somebody fcked up somewhere and whenever they do the first thing they always choose to do is argue with the customer instead of fixing their mistakes so long as they get to bill you these companies don't give 2 💩s

  7. Christina says:

    Just got rid of Dish Network a month ago!

  8. I called to see how i could get a military discount, and instead received a senior discount and since i was a customer for over 10 years, 20% off my bill i was told that would be reevaluated every 3 years (i think) its been a year and the discounts have been consistent. So not all bad at dish. The military discount is only for a new sign up one time discount.

  9. Just glad dish had the conversation recorded.

  10. I was a Dish customer for 15 years, Then HBO was not available for over a year! The final straw for me came when ESPN, Freeform, FX and Disney were removed with out any notice. I closed my account and settled up. I will never trust them again!

  11. Randy Tolin says:

    Dang dude is it dish or direct tv

  12. The best thing to do when signing up is if you have a sales person that basically doesn’t mind doing some shady stuff tell him to use your phone number as a refer a friend and he can save you money like that I’ve seen a bill as low as taxes a month and just by Kaina selling the sales person hey use my phone number so I can get a deal and you get a deal close in sales and sometimes I’ll do it I’ve actually done it before and it’s work

  13. As a former employee of dish Netwerk the best advice I could give him but he is never get off the phone before your monthly price is locked in and they let you know how it changes and when it’s going to change if you have to consistently call back that is basically giving you the runaround I was an installer and I ran into this multiple times The department that that guy worked in was called retention they get paid for keeping customers from leaving the company they get bonuses for it they are good bonuses I was an installer but ran into this a lot like I said make sure you get your price over the phone locked in your monthly before you get off the phone

  14. F Grau737 says:

    No one cares that Gabbys thirsty

  15. solarsynapse says:

    I did a referral and they refused to honor it. They also have a "no contract" scam.

  16. Gregos says:

    I second this video because I have experience the same thing from this TV network

  17. Cody Tench says:

    Totally not true, don’t blame a whole company for a bad salesman, I’m a dish tech and never have heard of any of this.

  18. Was it a guy named Josh Dunkle who denied the monthly promo?

  19. Big D says:

    if you're that worried about 10 bucks every month yo need to rethink some life choices…bum

  20. Tienes razón la quisieron aplicar con el cobro de los canales de películas gratis y los mande a la puta mierda por mierdas…

  21. Dish is a pos evil company

  22. john moser says:

    Dish and Directv both suck big time they both have shitty selections of channels and only give a deal in the beginning then jack your price up more and more…. Then when you try and change anything they're impossible to get through to…. once you do it's very confusing trying to figure out a package that is reasonably priced ie. What channels you really want aren't being dropped it's a big mess

  23. I've had DirecTV before, now I'm just a roommate, the home owner went with Dish, Dish absolutely sucks. The channels suck, resolution sucks, if one person in another room on another receiver does anything, it does the same thing on your receiver.

  24. Art says:

    I will never give Dish my business again. They were fine as long as I was paying nearly $200 per month. I finally “cut the cable tv cord” and now I stream everything. It has a learning curve but now I’m saving so much money and I no longer have to deal with the “retention “ department. Having great wifi is necessary so some folks might not be able to cut the cord. Good video.

  25. Well the big problem is finding something to watch besides reruns or something no good. I have them but provide my locals stations after the stretch I'm canceling and watching locals and saving money. The thrill is over for pay tv.

  26. Dish is one of the best companies to work for!!!

  27. So Doh says:

    So… spend a couple of hours a month to save $40? What is the pay rate in your area?

  28. KP Sher says:

    How do I get rid of Dish Network's dish installed in my patio? Do they take it back?

  29. Mr. Mister says:

    I've been a subscriber of DirecTV since 2001 and now I hear they are getting rid of OANN. So bye bye DirecTV. They already pulled the (they can't change my dish because my pole is too high). How can a pole be too high?? Last month I lost stations and next month I lose One American News. When that happens, good bye Directv. I have a feeling that a lot of people have left and are going to leave come April 1st.


  31. Daniel Simon says:

    He got a deal if he was getting his package for $59 a month !! I'd be happy as a pig in sh!t if I was getting that deal!

  32. Dallas Dal says:

    Direct TV Does the same thing but their DVR and remote suck and is still using old style devices Spectrum also scams people and makes false promises.

  33. Dallas Dal says:

    What about the Scam of Direct TV and Soectrum with Bally sports having exclusive rights to their services?

  34. i've had dish for years never once have i had any issues, my grandma has also had dish about 15 years never had a issue.

  35. DirecTV at&t also does that too, be very careful they wanted to do it to me but it backfired on me immediately Cancel the service and they didn't charge me a single penny for the lies they told me because when they offer you something by law it is illegal information and that is a Federal offense

  36. "PUT IT IN WRITTING" Start to finish date

  37. Mark Latting says:

    Dish has become a arrogant co. The co. Has forget how they got that way. If u look at towns and city's that have good internet you won't see many dishes on roofs. I signed up for $59.00 a mo. With 2 joeys adding $25 each. (Not what I agreed to) so jow up to about $150 per mo. With taxes etc. Every time I try to turn on 2 tvs in separate rooms code 1305 no signal. And no s/#^. I have reset thru there long process acting like I am the da. Will not listen to you but are trained not to stray from the instructions from the screen in front of them. With staying on them everyday and everyday and agreeing to pay $ for a (tech) or a 5th grade drop out asking if u have a extra beer. To come out 2x still no tv, now try to cancel 2 joeys at $25 each I can now save $5 each for a total savings of $10 for my $50 to get them installed. Don't pay bill for no service u get turned over to collections. I can't wait until I get my Ota antenna up and for the internet together better. Yall dung your own bankruptcy. I do jot wish that on anyone.

  38. Hamad Zafar says:

    I'll NEVER use Dish Network for sure now!! Dish Network is doing the same exact thing that all of the companies nationwide are doing and that's replacing white people with black people in their commercials so I'm boycotting every company that's doing this racist thing towards white people. Boycott them all and don't buy anything from them! White people are the majority in America and white people make the world go around so any company that loses the white dollar will crumble and fall!! ✊✊✊✊💪💪💪

  39. You could never be more wrong. The fact is is he’s already getting a percentage off whether it be 10 or $40 on top of that to get more would be nice once in a while but definitely not guaranteed. There is no provider out there that fights harder for their customers than Dish. It is the least expensive per channel out of any provider even streaming with the best technology and devices to give the best experience. Direct tv is the most expensive and has multiple lawsuits because of their business practices and you have not a leg to stand on since you said yourself you do not have either service. Shame on you for getting your nose in where it doesn’t belong. Unless you totally understand with somebody’s getting at a cost per any other service you shouldn’t be weighing in on your opinion.

  40. Beware, i was ready to end my subscription with dish, when i sent them a message that i was out of the subscription.
    I guy then asked me if i was interested in a dish recording apparatus that could record 8 programs at a time. Wow. ok what the catch i said, that you agree to a 2 year renewal. i asked him will my monthly bill stay the same. He said yes, ok then send me the machine. Never got the machine so after 2 months i called and i asked where is my machine. he said you have to agree to a higher monthly premiums in order to get the machine. I said but you promised that my monthly bill would stay the same. He said no it will go up 5 dollars because of the recording device. I said then i don't want to extend my subscription i want out. He said you can't since you agreed to our deal you are obligated for two more years. i then said no, i quit communicating with him. Today, 10 years later, i went to get a loan my credit score was 640 i said why is it so low, they said dish network. So, don't do business with these liars and cheats.

  41. Fritz Vold says:

    about three years ago, at the time of your video, there was a rash of these "loyalty" scams that were being done by ALL of the cable and sat providers, especially on the E coast, mid-atlantic region, according to Wall St. Journal.

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