Facebook Fined $25M for Violating State Campaign Law | how to see who i’m following on facebook | #Facebook #Fined #25M #Violating #State #Campaign #Law | 2022

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#Facebook #Fined #25M #Violating #State #Campaign #Law , Facebook Fined $25M for Violating State Campaign Law | how to see who i’m following on facebook | Youtube Facebook | 2022

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#Facebook #Fined #25M #Violating #State #Campaign #Law
Facebook Fined $25M for Violating State Campaign Law
The state of Washington requires disclosures which they claim were not made properly.

how to see who i’m following on facebook

The state of Washington requires disclosures which they claim were not made properly.


  1. ahnbra says:

    This issues is based on laws past in 1972. Facebook was given a warning about there actions being unlawful in Washington State by those entrusted to protect and enforce election laws in that state. Facebook made a statement saying they would stop selling advertising for elections in that state. When in fact they dud not according to the information you share with us Steve. I think it will be very unlikely that other courts are going to say Facebook is not guilty. I think they will agree with the lower courts and "punish" Facebook in some way. Likely by charging them fines. If Facebook would have just done what they said they would do they would not be in the position they are now in. Facebook's employees are very foolish for not fallowing the law or had just stopped like they claimed they were going to do.

  2. Tim Downey says:

    Fines should be based on the offenders’ revenues (profit is too easily manipulated by accounting shenanigans).
    $25 million is not much more than rounding for Meta, which had revenues of $118 billion in 2021.

  3. Alverant says:

    When a business says something is "impossible" there's a good chance what they really mean is, "it won't be profitable for us to make the token effort to comply".

  4. David R says:

    Rich people and Corporations seem to always get fines! They chalk this up to the cost of doing business. Never any Jail Time. People need to fight back against the two tier justice system we experience here in the US. Justice is only for the Rich and this proves Crime does Pay if you can afford it!

  5. S CT says:

    Cancel FD, delete your accounts.

  6. BadKarmaM3 says:

    Make it $25B and deny their ability to appeal, thanks to pre-existing case law.

  7. T-Roy C says:

    Ferguson has raised millions of dollars taking different companies to court but one he made a huge mistake that actually hurts the consumer but he's to blind to see it. He sued time share exit team a company that actually helped people legally get out of their time share he put them out of business now thousands of people are stuck in a time share because Ferguson won't go after the extortion that Tim shares do

  8. Xovius says:

    A fine for Meta in the tens of millions is like me getting a fine in the tens of cents…

  9. Satguy141 says:

    It should have been a billion and Zuckerberg going to jail.

  10. Shawn Mason says:

    I just was out in my yard and I was almost hit by a Low flying owl.

  11. Facebook was selling ads, so they aren’t the ones doing the talking. They were selling access to their megaphone. I can totally see our court system siding with them, though, since cases always seem to favor the party with the deepest pockets for some strange reason.

  12. Martin Mdl says:

    Disclosure laws have been upheld many times.

  13. MrArob826 says:

    Once again Facebook feels that they are above the law

  14. John January says:

    I’m only shocked it was litigated at all.

  15. Randy Bugger says:

    Should've been 25 billion. That would motivate some compliance.

  16. mikebat l says:

    A Trillion dollar company pays a pittance for stealing the rights of an entire country of 300 million people. There is no Justice.

  17. mwwhited says:

    This law should be declared unconstitutional. Where others comply or not does not mean anything. Limiting political speech is a violation of free speech.

  18. "Better to know nothing than to know what ain't so." Better to be ignorant than to be aware of lies told to us? Really?

  19. How will courts calculate the fines for all the imputed advertising value of FB censoring political speech?

  20. Kona Golden says:

    The court found Meta INTENTIONALLY violated the law. Think about that. Then think about the cost to us as our representation in law making has been compromised with no "do overs". At what point are CEO's and Board members jailed, and not in some cushy place, but with the general population of a typical State prison? $25 million is mouse nuts to a Trillion dollar company.

  21. Save Point says:

    You could simply say this person has to prove they are a human being/citizen of the USA and that requires disclosure otherwise their words are not protected by the constitution. You could also require a disclaimer in the ad that the person 'paying for the ad chose not to disclose where they got the money to pay for this ad'

  22. Larry Walker says:

    I hope Facebook goes broke and goes under

  23. Brian J says:

    I bet if you even mention operation mockingbird they will ban you. And your just another ambulance chaser at heart. Please prove me wrong.

  24. Brian J says:

    Your money is way more important than the truth.

  25. Brian J says:

    You will never tackle real issues.

  26. Brian J says:

    I don't think your a lefty but just another lawyer..

  27. Brian J says:

    Is it Operation mockingbird that you won't to.

  28. Bubba Ramsey says:

    How is it that no one is being charged with a crime?! Equal justice doesn’t exist.

  29. Leonetta B says:

    It sounds like they’re trying to argue that disclosure of the money trail is a hindrance to political speech, that should concern everybody.

  30. theberrybest says:

    It's the cost of doing business for FB.

  31. My understanding is very limited, but it would seem that their rights to free speech are, in NO WAY, being impinged upon by being made to disclose the source of an explicitely political publication in accordance with commone campaign finance laws. If every TV broadcaseter since the 70's was able to comply, so can THE ZUCK

  32. W S Tavis says:

    A company valued in the billions is fined 25 million. It's like fining me $2.50. So what?

  33. Facebook said the law should be removed it’s breathtaking and the judge said sit down and shut up!

  34. They will write this off as a business expense, so no problem . Need to change the law to make either the CEO or board of directors go to jail instead of finding them , also take away the ability to write off to taxes fines .

  35. Zuckerberg is dishonest ,suprise !!!

  36. wbbh says:

    Schadenfreude, yes, and with much pleasure.

  37. Sandy Barnes says:

    Seems to me the Fairness Doctrine needs to be brought back

  38. Most ads on Facebook are scams anyway, so appropriate they should allow political scammers as well.

  39. get mark Zuckerborg out of here!

  40. ramjam720 says:

    …Douglass sounds a bit like Franklin "DELANO" Roosevelt. His mother was Sara Delano.

  41. Missed it. Because I get my news from YouTube. Sad, I know.

  42. Fading Frost says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong…but is the timing of this news story not seriously suspect in itself??

  43. I live in WA, and that number seems low.

  44. So Washington didn’t stop Mark Zuckerberg.

  45. “A person” did it, ohhhhh kay, these “news” psychopaths are protecting the guilty

  46. 25 million does not pay back the citizens they’ve screwed. Ruin that company.

  47. Otto VanGogh says:

    The value of the ads that they sold is probably triple-x or more than the fine and the cost of litigation.

    The fine should be levied as a multiplier of the total ad revenue sold.

  48. Sylvia Else says:

    Just the cost of doing business. He probably got more than that in ad revenue as a result.

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