How to Get Paid with Facebook Reels | how to see who i’m following on facebook | #Paid #Facebook #Reels | 2022

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#Paid #Facebook #Reels , How to Get Paid with Facebook Reels | how to see who i’m following on facebook | Youtube Facebook | 2022

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#Paid #Facebook #Reels
How to Get Paid with Facebook Reels
How does Facebook pay us for bonus plays in reels?
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how to see who i’m following on facebook

How does Facebook pay us for bonus plays in reels?
Get growth tips here:

Follow me on Facebook: /rachaelrtowne


  1. I have reels with more than 1000 views and I didn’t receive any invitation. May be they are controlling it to avoid payments

  2. Bura Mel says:

    Can you use someone else video and add your face to the video like watching the video and get paid?

  3. When will facebook pay out for reels in Uk?

  4. Ed Burnside says:

    Hello thank you for help I just got connected up and have had views before I got set will I still get paid

  5. Ed Burnside says:

    They do except PayPal u just link your checking account to it

  6. Diana Martin says:

    Hi Rachel, I have 1500 views and have gotten paid just 0.8 cents. I assume I have to post more than 5 reels a day as I have and hope for a higher pay? 😮I’ve only been on it a week after my invite.

  7. Connie Wells says:

    I started to connect with fb account. I got an invite but didn’t know what it was. I’m afraid to put SS or Pin # in case of scammers. My last video got over 1000 views. Will fb notice this? Or do I need an invite first. How do I find my invite

  8. Tina Chioma says:

    What about us that the dollar sign is not on our reels

  9. Nida Kausar says:

    Hi I post reels on facebook from my personal account. I have 19 k followers and my reels have more than 10 k views. I have turn on my professional mode. I am digital creator now but don't know how would I earn money. Am I eligible for this. Please reply.

  10. La Kei says:

    Hello I just wanted to know why is there a red dot on my $ sign on my reels page instead of a green dot

  11. Hi Rachel I just turned professional mode last week. Will I earn dollars even if I don't receive stars? Please reply to my comment, your yt channel is so interesting ❤️❤️❤️🤗

  12. I will save my money when I get it

  13. I Need To Know How I Get Paid For My Reels Video & I Got 4.4K

  14. I have a question, what will happen to my earningsast month if i did not make it to a $100

  15. How do I monitize it though

  16. Great info I'm doing these as well. With my YouTube channel they are fun to make new subscriber here

  17. Mad Dean says:

    Get a house get my life together

  18. JDP ENT says:

    Do you have to get a business account to get paid on Facebook

  19. Good Morning, I am looking for help I'm new to this, I got a invite a couple months back I don't see it anymore. Also I have over 42k followers on FB I have 15 reels as of now some over 1.2 million and so as low as 5k . Can you please help me with setting this up? I really need to make money

  20. Hello, I was invited to start monetizing. Now my professional mode is on. Not one of my past reels are visible. Is that how this works? We have to start new with no reels? Thanks for your time.

  21. Ma'am if im the Philippines how we get the monetize my Facebook.

  22. Jen says:

    Is there a required total of minutes of views?

  23. Where do you apply for it

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your insights! I just started doing reels and I am putting them on a page that I’ve had for about 10 years (it meets the monetization requirements). My personal account is the owner and that account is linked for payouts. Is there a problem with that setup? In other words, do my reels have to be posted from my personal account in order to get paid? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  25. Snikkiz says:

    Does Facebook accept Payoneer acc number?

  26. Elsie Teel says:

    Hi there, thank you for this great info, I do have question do I need to upload my last year income tax? They did asked me for my SSN

  27. Sambo Chhorn says:

    Hello I live in outside of America, I could not setup payment and tax form, could you help me?

  28. Lorena Leake says:

    Is this available now in the UK Please?

  29. Hi it means one of video need a 1k views or in total of our views we meed

  30. I got invited with $1200 limit. Will that limit change or is it fixed?

  31. Hi, please can I use my personal Facebook account for the reels ? I don't have a Facebook page .

  32. emily claire says:

    Hello thank you for posting this, I was able to turn on my professional mode and now a digital creator, but I have not noticed I received any invites. Is that possible I was able to turned on my professional mode to on but never got an invites? I would appreciate your idea. Thank you

  33. Hi my reel video reached 1.2k just before 24 hours but how can i know that Facebook have pay me cos I have been looking for a way to put my account number but I haven't seen, and I do post reel videos on my Facebook account not on page and is it most that you most have many followers on your Facebook account before you get paid

  34. TsomVaj says:

    I have questions…do you know why my payout fail ? If you know how to fix please tell me thanks

  35. Can I get a invite on my personal page or don’t it have to be a business page to get a invite

  36. Please help! I got my invite and need to set up payment I bypassed it not I cannot get back into it.

  37. Hi Rachel,do you think I can still get my payment on my reels on june I earn 133 then July I earn 166 I can't set up how they send the payment because I don't have my Ssn yet because I'm still waiting for my green card.

  38. Hello ! I have a maybe 4 videos on my reels that got more than 20k views yet I don't get invited I was wondering what happen?

  39. Atique Ahmed says:

    do i have to wait until i $100 dollars and then add my SSN and bank account? Now i have only $10 and it does not give me option to add SSN or account number on pay out section. Can i get money for my personal Reel?

  40. Where should i upload the reels,? Is it on my facebook page or personal facebook account? So that my reels can be monetized

  41. grace4004 says:

    When do you get invited? Where they message you from? How many viewers to get invited?

  42. Judy Iverson says:

    Hi Rachel, great series! I posted my first reel a couple weeks ago and it just hit 1.2M and counting! My other four reels have 2-10k views so far too! I started this on my personal page. Is that ok or do you have to do it on a business page? I hope I didn't lose out and don't want to post more on the wrong page! Thanks!!!

  43. If you get a invite and done see it can you get invited again?? I have had a few reels that have done really well but havnt had an invite what I know of but my kids get my phone a lot so if iv missed it have I missed out

  44. So can you post reels on your regular Facebook page and still get the message that you’re eligible? Or do you need to post reels on your business page?

  45. Takia Sharee says:

    I got accepted a few days ago… I have a few questions maybe you could help… my plan for the bonus (35,000) to pay off my student loans…

    1. My bonus is 500 right now… Does the bonus change month to month, or would the 500 be my final offer?

    2. is the payout based on per 1,000 views?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  46. Are the challenges only available on business pages or also on personal pages turned professional? I can't find them and I'm not earning for new views on past reels.

  47. Do you suggest to post as many reels a day as you can?

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