I Got BANNED…I'm Sorry. | how many reports to get banned on tiktok | #BANNEDI39m | 2022

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#BANNEDI39m , I Got BANNED…I'm Sorry. | how many reports to get banned on tiktok | Youtube Tiktok | 2022

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I Got BANNED…I'm Sorry.
I got banned…



😬 The TRUTH About the Rumors About Me… ►




Email: eugeniascooney@gmail.com
how many reports to get banned on tiktok

I got banned…



😬 The TRUTH About the Rumors About Me… ►




Email: eugeniascooney@gmail.com


  1. Johana F says:

    Eugenia, do you believe in God?

    In my religion we believe God forgives us, and can turn our life around. You can try it out, if you want to.

    (Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

    John 6:35)

  2. Nelliña says:

    Feel sorry for your family

  3. Kevin says:

    She doesn't even reach past 200 k views on her videos anymore many are only 77 k yet she thinks she's some big YT celebrity 🤣

  4. Dupree B says:

    “I think I might be getting a little sick.”
    No Eugenia. You are d*ing. Please get help

  5. Lizzie Beth says:

    Where did you buy that cute little bear in the background from?

  6. I'm not going to coddle you anymore. This is coming from someone who used to have an ED and still somewhat struggles with it. It's not okay that you're still posting videos instead of focusing on your health. You can say you're healthy all you want, but you know that's not the case. You know a lot of underaged people watch your content and they're very impressionable. I grew up watching you grow up. You're literally skin and bones now when you used to be so beautiful. This is upsetting for many viewers and you need to get actual help. It's not as easy to just ignore you because everyone is making videos on you. EVERYONE sees you need help and the only one in denial is you. I refuse to normalize this because I'm worried that you might die. Everyone is worried for your health.

  7. I hate how people blame her when she's literally suffering from severe mental health issues. Yall rlly think that blaming her is the correct way?
    She doesn't really think the way you do, she doesn't really understand what she's doing wrong bc she got problems. She might be delusional /not rlly processing things.
    Stop blaming her and hope for a good recovery

  8. i think it is good to ban people who glorify and present a disease in such a way.

  9. 👆👆I felt so devastated when my TikTok account got banned, but I was really happy for the amazing help I got I was able to get my TikTok account back thanks to the name above on Instagram.

  10. 👆👆I felt so devastated when my TikTok account got banned, but I was really happy for the amazing help I got I was able to get my TikTok account back thanks to the name above on Instagram.

  11. Andrew says:

    I wish people in the comments would get educated on ED and especially ana and learn commenting on how her body looks (good AND bad) really push the victim harder and harder onto their illness

  12. Kiya Kaur says:

    U seem to have a lot of malfunctions when it comes to u flashing that it’s not accident it’s intentional

  13. Courtney M says:

    Please get some help! Im shocked this girl is allowed to continue to create videos. She and her mom need to be on DR Phil! I think she loved seeing our comments. YouTube obviously doesn't care how the public cares about her getting healthy.

  14. Elicia Rae says:

    1:24 did you see her hand? Its all red in the knuckles area. Wow she's literally getting worse & worse. Her chest bones omg sad

  15. Edit Mode says:

    Do you ever think about how your family will feel when you die? I watched a video you made before where you mentioned how your mom said she would die if you ever left (like to a rehab center or anywhere else) and my response to that is it anything is going to kill your mom, it'll be the heartache of losing her child. Also consider the fact that dying of a broken heart IS A REAL THING and when you die, your grandma that you care so much about will most likely die sooner than she should because she will be heartbroken.

    Things to consider. And to her fans…..Stop telling her she's too skinny or too fat or anything about her image. It only drives her disorder. Make her think about how selfish it is to inflict that level of pain on her own family as well as herself. She used to be so bubbly and clever and animated. That part of her is gone but she can find herself again if she would just get help and get off twitch.

  16. Girly. You need help… like REAL HELP……
    I can’t believe I used to idolize you as a child.. you made me think I could only be loved if I was skin an bones..
    you don’t deserve a platform like this.

  17. Reaghan says:

    Good, now they should ban you here, your content is way to shocking for young girls..

  18. Karylle Mati says:


  19. Retromanl says:

    You will see no change from leaving comments. Please click on the little Cog icon in the top right > Then click Report > Then click Child Abuse/Dangerous Acts.

    Thank you for your time. Your actions might save others lives whilst stopping Eugenia's mother from profiting off her daughters YouTube finances. Thanks again.

  20. all these comments are disgusting. WHY should she be deplatformed for her body??? are only healthy people allowed to post online now??? none of u seem to have a problem with overweight youtubers but there's one severely anorexic one and her head is bitten off by 5000 people. the body shaming is unreal. just let this girl post whatever the fuck she wants, they're makeup videos for gods sake.

  21. Karylle Mati says:

    I love u so much, you are an awesome and beautiful lady. Plss don't forget to take care of yourself before us, we will still be here supporting and loving you.

  22. guys she is literally a 30 year old who promotes Anorexia and is a Child predator… its not even about eating anymore or her, its what her real intentions were while using Youtubes Platform to rake in children and minors with her child like Channel. what the actual hell is going on, why does no one care?? or at least called her out for it by now…

  23. How do you feel 100% ever when your 45lbs.

  24. There’s A WHOLE LOT more extremely fat people out there. Obese people. That can be deadly too. No one freakin’ talks about THAT! Let Eugenia be a person! Her weight and sickness is NOT who she is. Behind that skinny body is a woman who just wants to live and share what she loves! JUST like you and me. She’s a person. Let her be. I’m sure she knows she has some problems, but ya know what?!?! She DOES NOT have to share that with strangers on YouTube!! Let her keep some things private! Just like YOU do and see how kind and loveable she is. Let your anger etc. out on something else!

  25. Dave Kaz says:

    I don’t think it was fair you got banned. There’s nothing to see in the first place. You are so emaciated looking that you are on the verge of turning to dust.

  26. This is crazy. I’m the same age as her !!!!!! And I’m about to have my baby in like a month . I went from being NATURALLY SMALL to being 140 pounds and it’s so sad she’s trying that hard to be skinny and gave up her future in being a possible mother . It’s so scary humans like her will do anything for attention online

  27. WhatTheStein says:

    How does it feel to let your family, friends and followers watch u slowly dieing?

  28. frito says:

    Nah she flashes for money. For those sick anorexic fetishist

  29. Why tf do u all want her to be “responsible” and “leave because she’s influencing minors” WHEN SHES JUST EXISTING. It is her struggle NOT anyone elses. Leave the poor women alone and let her fucking exist.

  30. GIRL GET HELP!!! Look like she's on m3+# too.. STOP CODDLING AND ENABLING HER SHE'S ALMOST 30 YEARS OLD!!!

  31. She had a wardrobe "malfunction"???? 😆😆😆 Her health & mind are malfunctioning!!! When you have a wardrobe malfunction, it's 99.9% on ACCIDENT…. The body checking, and showing her skin & bones…. That ish is done on PURPOSE! Just like her showing her underwear was a "malfunction" or an "accident"…. I'm SO TIRED OF HER DEFLECTING & ACTING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! YOUR 30 GROW UP! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤨🤨🤨

  32. Yes you are sick. Very sick.

  33. Lique Faith says:

    Dear Eugenia, one of my viewers pointed out your channel. I had never heard from you! You probably don’t know me since I am new on youtube and just started my channel. But I wanted to let you know I excist and it MAY be interesting to you to watch some of my videos. Since you have millions viewers and loads of comments you probably will never read this message. But if you do: than I trust that my Higher Power has led me to you for a reason… feel always free to contact me! Also outside Social Media. If you ever feel like it. On whatever topic, whether it is superficial or deep. No judgements on my side whatsoever. Wish you lots of love! 💖

  34. MissUgh says:

    Community Guidelines update is pouncing on the subject of eating disorders yet you'll keep her on here because she makes you money? You're about to lose a lot of users.

  35. Tim Bruning says:

    Food is good for you. You need more of it. You really need more of it. Seriously, I can't stress this enough.

  36. Noah Westt says:

    Dear Eugenia, I would advise you to contact an experienced attorney, you maybe be capable of filing a legal suit regarding discrimination on the basis of your undisclosed health conditions. It is apparent that you are a victim of discrimination, as your undisclosed health status may contribute to your physical appearance.

    Therefore, the platform is not rejecting you on the basis of your character but instead preventing you from participating on the platform due to your disability. Contact a seasoned attorney knowledgeable in discrimination law.

    Do not communicate with the platform directly, consult your attorney, and request the firm to contact the platform on your behalf regarding your interest in pursuing legal action. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation including your ability to remain on the platform free of discrimination. You may be required to confidentially disclose your health status or condition to the platform, therefore, once disclosed, and if the platform continues to prevent you from joining the platform this may validate your claims of direct discrimination based upon your now disclosed health information.

    This is a very complex legal matter, an attorney well-versed in online discrimination law will be able to assist you. I’ve watched your videos for many years and you’ve never caused me distress or influenced me in any manner. All I’ve witnessed is a sweet soul interested in sharing her unique personality with the world. In a superficial world individuals are quick in their judgement of others. Instead people should hear the words being spoken and feel the positive energy being emitted. Best of luck you Eugenia! 🖤 Stay Strong!

  37. me me says:

    U sound like a drug addict when u deny ur problem and ignore it and keep going

  38. Andra says:

    How is Susan letting this happen lol? Ban here on youtube too. She's a lost cause

  39. I love you and your channel and I hope you are doing well, take care of yourself ♥️

  40. Irem Ersan says:

    God it’s like watching a train wreck. I don’t want to be nervous anymore every time I check her channel. I want her to either quit YouTube or get help, but something has to happen like I don’t want to be able to watch this anymore

  41. They should ban you forever for other more relevant and clear reasons

  42. KC Nicky says:

    I can't believe she's still alive.

  43. Nadia Cowley says:

    I feel it's also being respectful towards the platform to remove it and for yourself aswell If you don't like keeping it up you can remove it sending lots of love and light 🙏💗

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