Toshiba Smart TV won't turn on – Fix it Now | why won’t youtube work on my firestick | #Toshiba #Smart #won39t #turn #Fix | 2022

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#Toshiba #Smart #won39t #turn #Fix , Toshiba Smart TV won't turn on – Fix it Now | why won’t youtube work on my firestick | On Youtube Video | 2022

Toshiba TV won’t turn on,Studio 6060

#Toshiba #Smart #won39t #turn #Fix
Toshiba Smart TV won't turn on – Fix it Now
Toshiba Smart TV won’t turn on
Quick and Simple Solution that works 99% of the time
why won’t youtube work on my firestick

Toshiba Smart TV won’t turn on
Quick and Simple Solution that works 99% of the time


  1. Frankie says:

    It worked until internet service was switched to different provider, it shut off when new service activated wont come back on.

  2. damn, this actually worked 10/10 – I'm still buying a new tv tho, lol

  3. Lainezc says:

    It works!! Thank you

  4. I have an old style toshiba tv, dvd, VCR TV I can't get any digital channels help

  5. Amal Sabu says:

    Thankyou brother, I was so worried as I brought the tv just one one day back. The first step works perfectly. ♥️♥️🥰

  6. EternalEman says:

    first option worked

  7. Joy Gross says:

    This worked thank you !!

  8. First option did the job. Thanks!!

  9. Mine's constantly on the green light and blank

  10. Rick Jarrett says:

    Purchased brand new Toshiba 43” couple months ago for my son to take to college. Unpacked it today and it won’t turn on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Thank you, !!!
    It works 😉🙂😃

  12. Cole Trickle says:

    My tv brand new. Why this happen? English 2nd language

  13. MKiwi says:

    I have a red light but tv won't turn on😞

  14. S T says:

    Legend! Thank you

  15. Brad Lee says:

    If the TV won't turn on, how are you supposed to do a factory reset?

  16. Kenya Leray says:

    Actually really worked. Thanks.

  17. Chilly Chill says:

    if my tv wnt cut on how the hell am i gonna get into my settings moron

  18. Yamato says:

    I love you. Thanks.
    So I had the problem that the red light did not appear at all. Then I tried the unplugging for 60 seconds method and it fucking worked! Thanks

  19. Will this also work on a Toshiba 54" smart tv from about 2009 that won't turn off? Everything else will work with the tv remote as well as my DISH remote except for the power off. It will also not turn off using the touch screen panel on the tv itself.

  20. Neither of these worked for me, but the light on my tv won’t even turn on to indicate that it is ready to be turned on

  21. Laaag_gg says:

    My tv turn on then flashes then turns back on and keeps doing it

  22. Holy S***. Unplugging it for 60 seconds Fixed my TV.. Thanks

  23. 🤔looks like everybody's tv went out around the same time or this year🤷🏽‍♀️….yes I'm making a comment ….so that means mine did to…ugghh🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. 7z Mxney says:

    Thank you so much, I unplugged my tv and plugged it back in for 5 secs but didn’t work then you said do it for 60, and it worked, you should be praised 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  25. Thank you. This helps me a lot.. 😁

  26. Maxwell Thuo says:

    I need help my tv will open and my green light will go on but i can't see anything

  27. dheen ashraf says:

    My TV didn't turn on for 2 hrs

  28. dheen ashraf says:

    Thanks the first one worked

  29. Brooke Lynn says:

    What if the tv flashes the toshiba signs then the screen turns black or off.. I’m not sure what to do

  30. Ceder bagel says:

    Thank you, guess it had to be 60 seconds, I tried it before I saw this video for like 5 seconds

  31. It works thank you so much

  32. Ain’t that a bitch. I been here fi. An hour looking for a power on button. I am so pissed of. Unplug it it worked !!!!

  33. Von Barnaby says:

    The red light on my TV doesn't do anything

  34. Monttgomery says:

    I need help it is plugged in but no light will turn on I need help

  35. Omg thank u alot it work I will always try this👌

  36. Brilliant the 1st option worked for me after I spend an hour looking for other ways to fix it !… Thanks for the help

  37. benimanutd11 says:

    remote thing worked your a legend i tried everything before 👌🏼👌🏼

  38. April Birkin says:

    removing batterys for 15 seconds worked 🙂 thank you

  39. Ibz .Ac2 says:

    The issue with my TV is that the light is red however whenever I turn it on , it flashes the green light and then goes back to red , I'm stuck here and need help!!!!

  40. You guys may can help me to digger this out….. but a great way to help people with minor problems

  41. Spooks on YT says:

    Oh my gosh I almost thought I had to get a new tv

  42. Kristin K says:

    I bought one and this happened and I exchanged it and now it’s happening again 😓

  43. PumpkinLad says:

    My tv keep turning on and off any ideas

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