Walmart employee recounts deadly Virginia shooting | how to see who i’m following on facebook | #Walmart #employee #recounts #deadly #Virginia #shooting | 2022

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#Walmart #employee #recounts #deadly #Virginia #shooting , Walmart employee recounts deadly Virginia shooting | how to see who i’m following on facebook | Youtube Facebook | 2022


#Walmart #employee #recounts #deadly #Virginia #shooting
Walmart employee recounts deadly Virginia shooting
Briana Tyler, an employee at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, shares her experience inside the store as a staff member killed six people and injured several others.
how to see who i’m following on facebook

Briana Tyler, an employee at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, shares her experience inside the store as a staff member killed six people and injured several others.


  1. How horrible is it that nobody from Walmart head office has contacted her. What do these companies get paid for??

  2. God bless you and all the coworkers and families affected by this tragedy 😢

  3. U.S.A. says:


  4. Isa Cerva says:

    Why did he shoot them?

  5. Mart-Law spelled backwards

  6. Nothing but JESUS saved her, NOTHING. Run to JESUS to get total healing.

  7. A2B Moving says:

    Nwords lie all the time smh

  8. WalMart's decision to make him the manager….what was it based on? From what the lady says, he would not have been a good fit.

  9. jhon lugo says:

    Ima get my CCL when I turn 21, I cant imagine just being defenseless in that situation, I feel for her

  10. B Taylor, I thank God you made it out!

  11. Didn’t this person make that hit song “Ransom”

  12. Sage advice Briana. "Just be a good person." Sadly, a characteristic that is a bit scarce among fellow humans, who, ironically enough are by and large, in the same boat of uncertainty in this world. – Peace

  13. Brianna you are a very strong person, and you are blessed. Please get some couseling, it doesn't make you weak. You may not feel like you need it but, please do it. Stay blessed!

  14. gratitude to #DROBELA for healing me completely

  15. Jose Lopez says:

    Sad that she never mentioned God Almighty and how narcissistic she was. I pray that she comes to repentance and know that it's not her life to begin with and one day she will stand before God because of her rejection and believing that it was her actions that saved her.

  16. Miadah Hajbi says:

    It's Rothschild tax game at every end of the year they start burning shooting using filthy stern family to show them self they losing money so they can have more money from every direction lagelly

  17. W W says:

    Racist to fire or discipline. Racist not to fire or discipline.

    Big win for lawyers who feed at the trough of the Victim Industrial Complex, which includes the narrative-supporting media.

    As usual, follow the money.

  18. She’s so beautiful ❤ glad she made it out safe 🙏🏽

  19. SD Flores says:

    Shame on Walmart for not reaching out to the survivors and the victims families. Ignoring the situation it does not look good. I hope all those employees sue the heck out of Walmart.

  20. Bird Man says:

    I’m glad she told they should’ve been contacted her… smh Walmart not shopping there no more

  21. I worked for Walmart for years in Virginia Beach the one located in town center and that job was emotionally draining management is a joke and if your not part of their click you become target I went to upper management I even went to corporate and nothing was ever done they drive people to the edge. I was actually pulled into the office for NOT letting a supervisor get under my skin I completely ignored her and that infuriated her I mean I could give you all so many instances where these people truly tried it and purposely. Walmart don’t care about their employees at all. When I worked there they told us they do not except doctors notes if your sick and unable work just a stressful work environment altogether

  22. Sin Verrette says:

    That's what the other lady said too.. that it didn't feel real. She thought it was fake. I wonder who it was they found outside of the store. Walmart neglected to take complaints seriously. Smh

  23. got damn she ugly as hell

  24. When people say I don't know it told me to do that something told me to do that that was God God told you to do that when you hear that inner voice that's the holy Spirit speaking to you I'm grateful that you did listen to the holy Spirit that's God keeping you alive

  25. DivineNyke says:

    New York gone start the purge

  26. This suspect clearly stated that he was harassed and someone at his job may have hacked his phone. People need to be nice to people you never know what none is going through. I don’t believe in senseless murders but if you decide to be cruel, harass, or be mean to someone just think about the consequences that may could come after. If this manager was harassed & he hit a tick, I have no remorse for the victims that was bothering him. Maybe that was their karma. You need to treat people better, people is going through stuff. Idc and I really don’t care what anyone thinks about my comment.

  27. She’s still in shock. That’s going to disappear when it gets quiet. Being strong usually on happens in public, I pray the PTSD is merciful and counseling is utilized. Peace and Light Sister.

  28. revengelu says:

    store manager hasn’t said anything??

  29. Bill Estep says:

    Brave lady. You can’t unsee somebody get killed

  30. Zach Hannan says:

    I’m going to hell but I thought this was lil tecca….

  31. Briana be strong girl

  32. Had this been me.. this interview would have been pathetic. Snot.. tears… stuttering.. gasping for air.. Ida been done.. seeing ppl get shot would have did me in.. so yes. .. this is one brave and strong young lady.. Bless her heart.. 🥺💔

  33. You don't have to be strong Brianna. Despite statistics of us as a black woman. Prayers for you

  34. Here today, gone tomorrow…

  35. That voice was God saving you telling u not to sit down

  36. 🙏🏾you're so blessed 💗

  37. Wal-Mart should've been called her all there thinking about is making money.

  38. Lisa Lee says:

    How is it possible that no one of a managerial nor corporate level hasn't reached out to the survivors?! There's something completely disheartening about that. I'm baffled, speechless and truly disappointed and disgusted. Not the way to treat people…where's the human dignity and simple genuine concern and human kindness. My God 🙏🏾 stay well and safe all of you.

  39. fina1958 says:

    God bless you. Hope you can recover from this trauma.

  40. Ginger Lopez says:

    Do you all know that Walmart has life insurance on their employees?

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