Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices | what does hm mean on tiktok | #Billionaire #Bill #Gates #Guesses #Grocery #Store #Prices | 2022

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#Billionaire #Bill #Gates #Guesses #Grocery #Store #Prices , Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices | what does hm mean on tiktok | Youtube Tiktok | 2022

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#Billionaire #Bill #Gates #Guesses #Grocery #Store #Prices
Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices
Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates’ knowledge of grocery store prices with a game of “Bill’s Grocery Bills.”
what does hm mean on tiktok

Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates’ knowledge of grocery store prices with a game of “Bill’s Grocery Bills.”


  1. MasyEnt says:

    Bill was able to see how much things cost now

  2. I❤your show Ellen …

  3. AbduCola says:

    Ellen's richer than he is I'm so confused 😂

  4. I got that artichoke dip last week and it was $10….it more than doubled in price in 5 years….

  5. Even the audience didnt know the prices 😂

  6. Good evening sir thank you sir

  7. Mo He says:

    Let's invite him to some funny shows, so people have the impression that he is not a p3d0ph1l3 cr1m1n4l and do everything he says in our made up pl4nd3m1<.

  8. She just made him win

  9. This guy is a total herb!

  10. Bante Hayes says:

    I didn't know that for tide pods. I've never bought them. I just buy the regular tide bottle, but I've never spent 20 dollars on detergent.

  11. Kiskumen says:

    He knows the price of Freedom…

  12. I don't want to hurt or help anybody. I just want to play video games and music

  13. Valued User says:

    Ellen couldn’t do any better.

  14. Gosorpa says:

    And its at this moment he realise that he was paying food 3time the price at home

  15. ElyZa says:

    I mean its a Banana, Ellen, how much can it cost? 10 dollars?

  16. Tú Tô says:

    Ngài Bill cứu tôi

  17. Wiktor O says:

    How much for vaccines?

  18. He wouldnt even know the price of a lambo.

  19. Max Muller says:

    Gates is being a good sport for at least playing this little game. Couldn't say the same about other billionaires.

  20. Yosef says:

    Gates, software, virus mrna, fake meat, land baron, WHO funder, Epstein buddy, no wonder she divorced him.

  21. Psychebucc says:

    The last time Bill Gates was seen at a grocery store, he held up the checkout line digging through his pockets, looking for a 25-cent off coupon, which he never found. Someone actually just gave a quarter.

    This is the kind of guy who would give a quarter to a homeless guy and make him sign a contract promising to pay him back with interest.

  22. Christopher says:

    Tell me you’re out of touch with the reality of every day people without telling me you’re out of touch. Bet you can’t guess most goods have doubled in price since you battled the surprise outbreak by doing everything you were afraid it would cause.

  23. Quazar501 says:

    Bill Gates goes shopping
    "That's 49.99$"
    "… Sir excuse me you have to pay this?"
    "Oh sorry, it's been a few years since I done this. Where do I need to sign?"

  24. CareBear says:

    Gates speaks feminine and looks feminine. He’s tiny.

  25. Jessica says:

    No stopwatch. Oh okay hm

  26. Ellen: When was the last time you where in a supermarket?
    Bill Gates: Long time ago
    Ellen: How about the Epstein Island?
    Bill Gates: Long timeee – ehhh i mean never.

  27. Benso says:

    Let's be honest bill Gates is a wannabe wolve meanwhile Ellen is the wannabe version how surreal

  28. marcelle215 says:

    Does ELLEN even know?

  29. Susan Nico says:

    This is financial advice and I never give financial advice: DONT LEAVE DURING THE BEAR. If you don’t want to invest…learn. If you don’t want to learn…build. If you don’t want to build observe. DO SOMETHING…other than leave. There is so much opportunity here. Take advantage!

  30. magicwindow says:

    0:50 that was about my guess too after at first thinking it was 1 dollar lol

  31. Rameez Moh says:

    Bill inter digital visit. After Devpol.

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