Can I make money counting cards? | make money | #money #counting #cards | 2022 – Imagine This

Can I make money counting cards? | make money | #money #counting #cards | 2022

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#money #counting #cards , Can I make money counting cards? | make money | Make a living online | 2022


#money #counting #cards
Can I make money counting cards?
Sign up for Curiosity Stream and Nebula using the link for 26% off the annual membership (just $14.79).

Thanks to @StevenBridges for teaching me. Go check out his channel for REAL card counting in the casino for real money.

This week I learned to count cards. We replicated a real blackjack game to see, if working in a team with Steven Bridges, we could make a profit. I spent 4 days learning to count cards.

Good resources if you want to learn for yourself:
make money

Sign up for Curiosity Stream and Nebula using the link for 26% off the annual membership (just $14.79).

Thanks to @StevenBridges for teaching me. Go check out his channel for REAL card counting in the casino for real money.

This week I learned to count cards. We replicated a real blackjack game to see, if working in a team with Steven Bridges, we could make a profit. I spent 4 days learning to count cards.

Good resources if you want to learn for yourself:


  1. Dude I had an absolute blast filming this video with you! You smashed it!

    For anyone that wants a bit more info on the specifics:

    Learning to count cards takes months or years of training, so the challenge in this video was to see how many corners we could get Mike to cut where he'd still be an asset to a blackjack team, with only a few days training.

    So we focused purely on counting, and skipped out basic strategy completely. We simulated a real blackjack game that I've played, that has very favourable rules and a huge range between the table minimum and the maximum. This means that even if Mike is a terrrrrrible blackjack player, the amount he'd lose playing would be totally offset by the value he'd bring by counting.

    Mike was playing the role of a spotter. When we count as a team though, we won't just have one spotter. We'll have a spotter at each table. This ensures that the Big Player (The one who's betting big) is being regularly signalled in by spotters. The more time the BP is playing the more money we can win.

    There's a really nice thing Mike said that I don't think he got on film, and I think it perfectly outlines the difficulty of what he was trying to do. He said that he thought card counting would be a very complex system, that once he understood would be relatively easy to implement, but in reality, it was a very simple system, that is incredibly difficult to implement. I think that's such a good way of putting it.

    And finalllllly, for the love of everything good in this world, please don't spend 4 days learning to count cards and then try it at a casino, it will not go well. 😂

    If you want to understand how card counting works then this video explains it:

  2. So what I need is a little more explaining like so when you have a high count does that meant to bet big or that that there are high numbers left? Same with negative if your in negative count does that mean it’s not a good table or that there are big numbers left?

  3. counting cards is like using a type chart in Pokémon; you could just spend more time playing, but you’re only putting yourself on the same level as any other player could be

  4. Mark White says:

    How many decks in the shoe? Card counters know why I'm asking!

  5. gabotrial says:

    When the game is fixed, its better not to play!

  6. Arnav Kapoor says:

    Yo, u should learn how to lucid dream. It would be pretty epic to see

  7. WhiskeyIsOp says:

    The clue is Tom Scott's video

  8. DDDrums says:

    Unless you have a 6 figure bankroll and play hundreds of thousands if hands, NO, you cannot “make money” counting cards. There is your answer. Learning to count cards for the average, non professional player would be like the average automobile driver learning to drive a drag racing car, it does nothing to help your passenger vehicle driving but it might be fun to learn.

  9. You sound like Ewan mcgregor

  10. So technically online you can earn it easier then in casino?

  11. Max Östlund says:

    You sould learn poker ♣️

  12. ronskiii says:

    Fuck the casino why they trow HIM aout bedauwde hes making money bichass

  13. T. R. says:

    It was all fun and games until the Casinos introduced the continuous shuffle machine. Any edge you had goes back to the house after that happens.

  14. I am a casino dealer and actually I had @StevenBridges on my table many times working at london casino Rialto, and I can tell by experience that we were told 30 minutes before he comes in the table, and we adjust the way we deal, so we never use over 60% of the deck of cards, giving the circumstances that he is card counting and casino management knows it, we are allow to deal that way so his odds change dramatically, and I guess thats why he moved to US 😀

  15. Takes a shitload of practice but it can give a slight edge….and just look what the casinos do with a slight edge…..

  16. 6:20 You're not great at math? It's mathS you absolute ice cream.

  17. Isn’t more worth playing on the casino online, u can watch and count without stress, and how the count change by the many cards left, some play blackjack with 8 decks for example.

  18. Tom Rauhe says:

    So the casino will be suspecting of you counting cards as soon as your bet sizing varies wildly.

  19. The casino guys count also cards for sure😆

  20. Omar S says:

    Coffezilla changed god damn

  21. Kevan Majere says:

    All casinos I go to have automatic shufflers

  22. phi1111ip says:

    Card counting systems are based on the cards being RANDOM, then yes it will work. The cards after a shuffle are NOT RANDOM! Over the years the casinos have become very good at manipulating the shuffle of the cards so they are not random and maintain unfavorable groupings of cards, and in many casinos to such a degree that you could call their behavior cheating. you need to know this. The casinos that manipulate the shuffle, most if not all, will quickly empty a card counters pockets!!!

  23. Man if he can do it I can do it 😤 millions here I come 😂

  24. SShadowzLmao says:

    its more like counting cards in vanguard

  25. And what are you going to do when there is a shuffle machine on the table? What are you going to do when Blackjack is odds 6:5 and not 3:2? You cant use these strategies anymore since more and more tables have shuffle machines. Not only that, dealer shuffles after 4 out of the 6 deck of cards and not after 5 decks of cards to make it harder to get an advantage. What you could do in the old days is over now. Your advantage is decreasing.

  26. C1Fi says:

    this shits a real life money making method wtf

  27. Wes Ch says:

    If you got that good at counting in only 4 days you should be proud of yourself. Now you just need to nail basic strat and some deviations.

  28. Wise Rise says:

    I profit every time I play roulette. I found a winning system lol

  29. ch hansen says:

    Wait, what? So let me get this straight, the "card counter" lost "count" of how many casinos hes been kicked out of? Thats hilarious!

  30. Isn't it interesting how major multi-billionaire dollar businesses can just ban people for being smart and perfecting a skill? It should be illegal for casinos to ban someone just for using their brain. 1 or 2% advantage is practically nothing.

  31. faatman42 says:

    The only difference in strategy at the blackjack table is money management. Do you flat every hand? Do you Fibonacci? Do you rumple? Do you martingale? Or do you press 1 unit every win and reset on a loss? It's only how you play the bets that changes.

  32. Mike OB says:

    excellent analysis …sometimes you will lose

  33. Swim Nba says:

    You were down $22.500

  34. Ryssaa says:

    Casinos must have a bounty on ur head

  35. David says:

    Counting cards is one way to beat inflation

  36. Big Belly J says:

    I feel people look at this type of thing and think that its an easy way for big money. You're not meant to become a millionaire over night doing this, but if you make your way down to the casino twice a week or so and spend a few hours there, over time you will make some nice steady side money to line your pockets with. Just have to also be willing to leave when you're up. If you happen to hit 4/5 30$ bets positive, I'd just leave and enjoy the spoils. You don't need to count your cards til the end of the sleeve each time, if you happen to come up positive early in the sleeve, just take your winnings and leave.

  37. Th3Sixth says:

    so wut if u use a new shoe every time someone new joined the table??

  38. Watch the movie “21”

  39. why don't casinos shuffle after each couple of deals? And/or mix different decks together?

  40. JeffThrow says:

    When it hit the 25 lol

  41. Big Ounce says:

    Okay but what’s the advantage u get from counting Bc I feel like your just keep track of the cards for no real reason

  42. unh0ly s0da says:

    There is a way to exploit roulette. By first betting 1 dollar on a color, you double your bet if you lose and double it again if you lose. until you win. This only works if there is no max bet, which there is. Note tho that you win 1 dollar at a time and that you need a really large amount of money to be certain this works.

  43. kewkabe says:

    I tried pro BJ in the late 90's in Vegas/Tahoe/Primm NV and it was a miserable slog. My expected winnings were $35 an hour but after almost a year my actual came out to about $10. Avoiding heat means enough compromises (limited spreads, lower average bets, staying out of the high roller room so worse rules, etc) that really put a damper on any kind of big money in the long run. And the "business" has only gotten worse since, with continuous shuffle machines, terrible rules, no midshoe deck entry so no old school team play, etc. 12 hours a day of intense concentration in a room full of distractions, noise and (back then) smoke just wasn't worth it for $10 an hour, even then.

  44. All power to you Stephen take the casinos to the cleaners .

  45. As soon as I saw he took a hit on a hand where the dealer had a Blackjack it co formed the skepticism I already had.

    Videos like this make me laugh after working in casinos as long as I have

  46. tobias says:

    Dude i love to see People making Money like this,
    the Casino took so much from People

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