How to add a new app to a child's kindle fire profile | what does jw mean on snapchat | Youtube Snapchat | 2022

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#add #app #child39s #kindle #fire #profile , How to add a new app to a child's kindle fire profile | what does jw mean on snapchat | Youtube Snapchat | 2022


#add #app #child39s #kindle #fire #profile
How to add a new app to a child's kindle fire profile
What the title says.
what does jw mean on snapchat

What the title says.


  1. Thanks, that worked. You are a life saver 🙂

  2. Thank you. I just got this tablet for my son and wanted to surprise him with it

  3. I feel a sense of nostalgia looking at this video

  4. You are the best 🎉 thank you for helping me 😊

  5. 7point says:

    Thanks for that, helped a lot

  6. Thank u so much😂

  7. kingart813 says:

    Thank you, I'm trying this for minecraft

  8. I’ve come back to this video so many times. I hate my kids tablet. Not user friendly. Thanks for making it easier!

  9. smh lol I feel like a caveman was gonna spend extra cash for a tablet now this saved my daughter 😅

  10. Av says:

    Great video.

  11. Sue K. says:

    Thank you for this!

  12. erin Wagner says:

    thank you very much you helped me and my mom buy abc mouse for my child it was alot of help thank you

  13. Shannon says:

    Do you happen to know how to get the Kindle app on the kids’ profile? I know they have “Books” but it would likely be easier to send ebooks straight to their own Kindle profile (in app version). Working with a Fire 10

  14. Thank you so much for putting this video online for parents who don't know how to do this! I appreciate it so much.

  15. me as a kid watching him doing the pin (do update pls)

  16. render jay says:

    1:21 The Pac-Man Totally Fits With The Mason Name

  17. DropSidekick says:

    My child has been playing sonic boom 2 on his profile and he wants new characters. I want to purchase him a couple, and put it back where he can't purchase. How do I do that

  18. FYI, for anyone who installed YT Kids on the parent account this method doesn't work. I have a Fire 7 12th gen.

  19. Very helpful and simple

  20. Nancy Hayes says:

    after searching all the instructions on noggin, amazon and google – this video is the only one that redirected me back to the kids profile to complete the set up to share the content downloaded in the parent profile! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  21. Thank you so much!!!! Amazon instructions were confusing!

  22. Jim says:

    Why can't I add Prime Video to my kids Fire tablet this way?

  23. Thank you so much! I trying figuring out how to do this myself for an hour and couldn't get it.

  24. Michael Birt says:

    Wish this idea worked with kids messenger for Facebook

  25. Reality says:

    The kindle is a bad device overall it’s not really a good thing for long term either

  26. Strength says:

    Will this help to add messenger kids? App will download but it won’t log in for some reason?

  27. Al Nicky says:

    baby tablet price in pakistan 2022

  28. Tolu K says:

    Thankkkk youuu ever sooo muchhhh

  29. Erika Moreno says:

    Thank you so much ! What a well explained video !! So hard this tablet honestly 🤣 thanks again

  30. Pengy_Plays says:

    Thank you for making this my kid now has a coloring match profile!!! Thank you very much❤️❤️❤️💝

  31. Thanks for this great information

  32. Marnli Bacon says:

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  33. This is helpful – thanks. Is that also how it works WITHOUT the Amazon Kids+ Subscription?

  34. Help full so i.can download among us for him

  35. Meg Masse says:

    When I go to add it does NOT show all the installed apps on mine. It only shows Disney, Netflix, VLC & FB messenger. Am I missing somehow to add all the different apps? My little wants to be able to have the Amazon shopping ability on hers.

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