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April 16, 2023
Cameron Smith Reacts to Winning 150th Open, LIV Golf Rumors | Full Championship Press Conference
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April 16, 2023

#JEREMY #Hale #WhatTheHales , JEREMY !!!!!!!! What The Hale$ @WhatTheHales | what the hales on youtube | On Youtube Video | 2022

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#JEREMY #Hale #WhatTheHales
JEREMY !!!!!!!! What The Hale$ @WhatTheHales
Injury Update on Jeremy’s Hand
what the hales on youtube

Injury Update on Jeremy’s Hand


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  2. You should have put some DMSO on the burn. It keeps it from blistering. Keep some in your medicine cabinet.

  3. Joan Chepon says:

    Oh Jeremy!! Only you!! You get some serious boo boo's!!

  4. You all make my day every day🤣😂😝😅😅😍🤓🙃😳🍨🤓🐢🐍🐒🐊🐗🐔🐔🐔🐸🐓🐌

  5. I just subscribed from Canada 🇨🇦

  6. Brenda Ives says:

    Oh, man I know how Jeremy felt here. 10 years ago, I was learning to ride my new motorcycle, 2nd ride and I was getting ready to park it. Turned into the parking space but forgot to make sure the tire was straight when I stopped. Bike went over, I landed on the pipes. 3rd degree burns in 2 places on my leg 3 weeks before my wedding, still have scars today.

  7. This is a man that should not own a tractor!

  8. Nikki Peters says:

    Awwwpoor Jeremy 😥

  9. I use to live in chief land a long time ago

  10. Jenny Davies says:

    what the Hales Robbie you should have told Jeremy he supposed to burn rubber not his hand I bet he squealed the hales out love you guys 😭

  11. Jeremy if you ever get burned again have George crack fresh eggs over it…the cologen in the whites create a natural bandage and will stop pain almost instantly… less likely to blister and will heal 10x faster with less scarring.

  12. Danny jones says:

    Put on a good gard for the big green monster

  13. Tony Topcat says:

    Hey do me a favor get on Jeremy and tell him how could u not put a seat on the Hulk for George, he can do it he just needs to bolt one on. Make it sound like on video like he won’t even get a seat for a lady lol 😆

  14. Johnny Rice says:

    I used to light cigarettes off the exhaust of an engine that ran 9 hours straight every day

  15. You should be able to get a cover for the muffler on your tractor. I burned the lower underside part of my left arm on a tractor trailer muffler many years ago. I just swung around a little to far and nailed it,I had a big scar for many years.

  16. Burns are s000 painful!!!

  17. Randy Cupit says:

    Danger have ride stand on tractor when cutting cutter, if George falls off not recover to stop tractor before run over her,may cause lost leg or legs,arm or arm Or all right run over her kill her.No one tractor as its operating only the operator should be on when disking,cutting,or using bucket front end loader

  18. barb says:

    George loves you Jeremy be nice

  19. One of my kiddos did that with their dad’s motorcycle tail pipe. Those burns are unbelievably painful. You got the whole hand! Poor you!

  20. patriot 945 says:

    So, when is the exhaust heat shield coming, or is it already installed, so you can work like a part time farmer

  21. Kevin says:

    Never grab the stove pipe 😆

  22. Tyrone Noles says:

    Jeremy. Why don’t you wrap that exhaust pipe with exhaust tube wrapping, like they do on race cars

  23. MzzzNettie says:

    Hi Robbie, I've been following the Hales for a while now and I think the best thing they've found so far in FL is you! (Don't tell Jeremy I said that!) I'm excited to be following your channel now and look forward to bingeing on your videos.

  24. Robert Kap says:

    Take care the next time amigo 👍🏻💪🏻😃

  25. to prevent this from happening again someone should wrap the exhaust in ceramic heat tape or header tape still would be hot but just not as hot as molten hot steel exhaust pipe

  26. alaehbaga says:

    That exhaust need some xtra cover to protect from heat

  27. Trudi Harmon says:

    Think Jeremy was very lucky 🍀 and could of been a whole lot worse. OUCH 🤕 hopefully it will heal quickly.

  28. Bruce Varner says:

    They have shield s for around them get one on

  29. I do not wish burns on anybody but I'm glad you're okay my step sister was burned 30% of her body about 10 years ago or more to lighting a cigarette and the top of the match came off that was the worst 6 months of our lives but I'm glad you do not seriously give her and it was only your hand God bless

  30. Careful of that hand, it will ruin your love life.

  31. Carmen Doyle says:

    Hello from Jamey channel have ti say we love u as well join the team ! Love Robbie ❤️🇨🇦🥂

  32. I knew it. Thise exhaust are dangerous. I have done it.

  33. First of all I’m so sorry that you got burned. Watching you recount what happened had me laughing so hard especially when you got to the part where you were screaming like a school girl.

  34. Burns suck , nerve pain is the worse . I've got nerve damage in my foot right now I have trouble walking right now cuz of it . Hope ya heal quick Jeremy 🙏

  35. Quality time together!!!

  36. Ouch. Gift the man some hot pads for his tractor!

  37. Hopefully you'll recover soon love you guys

  38. Linda Foster says:

    Do you think there is a grab bar you could install that isn’t part of the exhaust?

  39. Linda Foster says:

    Oh no. Get some Silvadine from a doctor for your medical needs. Put it in the freezer for making it cold

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