Make $150/day just Charging Bird Scooters! | how to make 150 a day | #150day #Charging #Bird #Scooters | 2022

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#150day #Charging #Bird #Scooters , Make $150/day just Charging Bird Scooters! | how to make 150 a day | Make a living online | 2022

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#150day #Charging #Bird #Scooters
Make $150/day just Charging Bird Scooters!
Learn how I make $150/day for 2-3 hours of work just by charging Bird scooters!


Sign up to be a charger here!


Buy Chargers Here!


Learn more at my blog!

how to make 150 a day

Learn how I make $150/day for 2-3 hours of work just by charging Bird scooters!


Sign up to be a charger here!


Buy Chargers Here!


Learn more at my blog!


  1. Bird 🐦 In tulsa they pay $3 per scooter so if you want to make $30 you have to charge 10 scooters 🙁

  2. Hello, I do have a question. You said that a bird charger can charge lime scooters, right? Well, Does that mean you will not have compatibility issues? Are bird & lime chargers made the same way really. If so that means that I can charge a bird bike with a lime charger. Let me know if I’m wrong. Thank you.

  3. Here's another tips to charge fast, the standard bird charger is 42v 2amp= 84watt. U can charge faster using a dc to dc boost converter that. Set the voltage at 42v then set the charge current at 5amp. 42×5= 210watt which is gonna cut your charge time from 4 hour to 1hour 20minutes.

  4. DO NOT CHARGE BIRD SCOOTERS!!!! I dont know about the other companies but bird started ripping chargers off here in Atlanta around DEC. The company most likely over estimated their profits during the winter months when it gets cold. So to justify profits to their investors they stopped paying chargers honestly. You can send all the exact documentation pics and screenshots showing your work and they will cancel task on you and say they can not pay you. You pick 20-40birds charge all of them drop off in the nest on time and only get paid for 10-12 birds. They will bury you in auto responses or just straight up say you cancelled task. Why would anyone do all that work to decide to cancel task. But bird gets fully charged scooters placed back on the street for free. Dont say I didnt warn you.

  5. json json says:

    But you said we have to purchase the chargers they don't give them to us for free?. If they work on the lime scooters do you also work for lime?. Dude I agree with that guy you shouldn't be telling everybody how to put hostage on the scooters you're going to screw yourself in the long run you should take down the video. The honest way is the best way you may lose your job to. What if this video makes it back two bird headquarters there you are telling people what you're doing with your picture and they will fire your ass. If not worth getting fired you may have to pay back the money to. I just don't want to see you get fired I hope you listen to me and be honest 👍 God bless you

  6. How are you charging a bunch of bird only gives you 3 chargers?

  7. By the way I’m if you move a scooter before time to pick up even a little bit it tells them you ,over it before time and you eventually are accused of fraud l it has happened to all of us. the app is design to make you fail and sooner or latter without you knowing you’ll incur in some sort of fraud or do something against the rules and they terminate you. So do as many as you can before that happens

  8. Poor thing little do you know you’re gonna be terminated soon . So keep bragging about it. one word of advice do it while you can cuz I guarantee you you’ll be terminated in no time .

  9. Jay Joshi says:

    If u call this fun, I feel bad for u

  10. J.A.M says:

    $150 per night?

    Show us….

  11. RealFifty says:

    I charge about 150 scooters a night. Also I do not charge $3 scooters. And a couple times a night I'll take a $3 scooter and hide it in a bush and report it missing. To hook up a charger with a $20 scooter 😘😘

  12. How long does it take for your chargers to ship?

  13. Airmanmx1 says:

    You better be cautious, I saw a guy driving a sprinter van with at least 40 scooters. So some of those Chargers are over achievers

  14. Airmanmx1 says:

    What about maintenance?

  15. Babayega says:

    You so really need to stop putting up these videos. Everyone is doing them and every fool and his mother is out there jacking birds early and then keeping them for a few days for the price to go up and then returning them. And all is OG chargers who bust our asses out there trying to work legitimate are getting screwed by these guys that tie up scooters in their house. I've driven past houses that have 25 to 35 scooters inside of it and that's not counting the 15-20 that they charging that day. Screwing everyone. Why would you post this video and make competition for yourself. It's not like "there's enough for everyone" . By 9:30 the streets are dry and people's houses are holding these things locked inside so they go out with pick up trucks. I've seen guys out there with flat bed trucks picking up 30 to 40 a night. And then they now taking Limes too. If you got a good gimmick to make money don't go bragging to everyone cuz at the end of the day you'll be the one out there chasing ghosts when you see them up on the map but you get there and there's nothing there because they're held up in a house not outside. And no you can't knock the door to get them cuz they're also chargers. SMH. Take this down bro and go make your money

  16. How long did it take to become verified on bird? I just requested to become a charger.

  17. What happens if your release it before 7 because I have to leave to go to school at 6:20 am

  18. Joe pzn says:

    what happen to the bird that can’t be recover that’s worth 20.00

  19. So I started charging and I had no luck finding a bird that I could capture. It was before 7:00pm though. Does there have to be a certain percentage before you capture?

  20. I'm gonna try this out soon.
    A few questions;
    – What are the best times to pick up scooters in LA? I live in Boyle heights and rather avoid traffic. Planning on starting to do 10 a night. Drop them off around 4am, again, to avoid rush hour traffic.
    – Can i expect 10 picking them up from 1pm-3pm? How about 9pm-11pm?
    – What areas are best to get scooter without much hassle (no parking/traffic)?
    thanks g

  21. What's been your experience with the scooters that are damaged or won't charge when you bring them home?

  22. GenSyDiaries says:

    I’m trying to start near CSU Long Beach
    Can you go more into recharging throughout the day? I saw a comment you mentioned 11am.

    Also once it’s charged, does it decrease charge once unplugged to charge another?

  23. Si u and someone else ever want to claim the same scooters does that happen? What to do in that case?

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