Man Eats 150 lbs of Meat a Month (his girlfriend hates it) | how to make 150 a day | #Man #Eats #lbs #Meat #Month #girlfriend #hates | 2022 – Imagine This

Man Eats 150 lbs of Meat a Month (his girlfriend hates it) | how to make 150 a day | #Man #Eats #lbs #Meat #Month #girlfriend #hates | 2022

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#Man #Eats #lbs #Meat #Month #girlfriend #hates , Man Eats 150 lbs of Meat a Month (his girlfriend hates it) | how to make 150 a day | Make a living online | 2022


#Man #Eats #lbs #Meat #Month #girlfriend #hates
Man Eats 150 lbs of Meat a Month (his girlfriend hates it)
Reacting to Freaky Eaters. Weird dude eats 150 lbs of meat a month and his girlfriend wants to leave him.
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how to make 150 a day

Reacting to Freaky Eaters. Weird dude eats 150 lbs of meat a month and his girlfriend wants to leave him.
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  1. there was lettuce on that damn burger lmao.

  2. With broccoli, you get to pretend you're a dinosaur!

  3. Tbh he is fine as long as he is otherwise taking care of his body and she's taking out her issues she didn't deal with over her dad out on him. Meat isn't the problem and it likely wasn't the reason her dad died. She's going so overboard with the blaming of meat that she seems to not even want to eat it. She is the one with the disorder and an actual mental illness. Her dad likely had a heart attack due to high cholesterol because despite what he ate and the benefits he probably did little to no exercise. She needs to go to therapy and deal with her problems before trying to lecture him tbh.

    Edit: He isn't "micromanaging" because he wants his meat cooked a certain way. No one wants overcooked dry meat. She likely overcooks everything with meat because she has such an irrational fear of it due to how her dad died. People keep harping on him about how much he eats and the way he likes his meat cooked and ignore the clear signs that she has some form of PTSD she isn't dealing with and that he isn't actually even the problem. She probably only got into the relationship to begin with knowing how he eats because she wanted to fix him because she couldn't fix her dad and blames herself. It says it all in how she behaves and reacts. SHE is the one trying to control him and threatening to leave if he doesn't do things her way not the other way around. In any other situation people would be calling this abusive especially if the shoe was on the other foot.

  4. "He eats 5 pounds of meat a day"
    Me: Is that a lot?

  5. toms grexit says:

    When will people stop equating weight to health?! 🙄🙄

  6. toms grexit says:

    She doesn't want to watch him kill himself. Too much red meat IS bad for your heart health too.

  7. Rena Wolf says:

    Maybe he’s anemic

  8. Maybe she just can’t cook, he wanna season it let him let him season it.

  9. All this guy has to do is some push ups and sits ups with those thousands of grams of protein. He'd be so ripped. Especially since he doesn't seem to be holding in much of the fat. Although this is probably fake just like all the other videos you guys post from tlc

  10. Hurt says:

    I know people who eat all meat, they aren’t overweight. But you have a lot of health risks like Alzheimer’s, etc.

  11. MaSon says:

    No one is gonna talk about the black spot on the guys tooth. 😐

  12. Bacon needs to soo crispy… yummy

  13. Maybe she’s a horrible cook lmao if certain veggies or food is prepared wrong it’ll completely turn you off of it. Just saying

  14. I can smell the lies all the way in Texas. No shot his parents didn’t shove a green bean in his mouth once or twice. And he’s either constantly going to the store or he has 17 freezers

  15. I think the only real problem is the need to control the way everything is cooked… long you been with her, don't trust her to cook yet

  16. Sandi Olives says:

    my grandma feed us so much pig lard i became vegeterian and the pig smells makes me throw up, I hold it in but still… meat is yummy but to much nope, I would hate to cook all that protein, I can do cook a normal meal but wpoldnt feed someone just protein, they need more then just protein… nope, I do miss fish and chicken but animal cruelty is too preeminent to go back and eat abused animals lol I will grow fish in the future and chickens for their eggs but for now I don't trust the industries with animal welfare.

  17. There is the carnivore diet, it's helped a lot of people with auto immune disorders, but it's strict no fried meats, usually red meats for the most part. The people on this diet are perfectly healthy as long as it is done correctly.

  18. Jimmy Little says:

    They're so obviously fake it's hard to have as much fun with them 🙁

  19. aporue 589 says:

    thatveganteacher will lose it lmfao

  20. 25 cent wings seems pretty romantic to me

  21. kevin 67 says:

    Hot Peppers and bell peppers actually aren't vegetables they are fruits

  22. I love ken shirt….looks a lot like my favorite shirt.

    Realize It's the same shirt ❤️‍🔥

  23. Shadow Lief says:

    I'm starting to think these experts are full of crap. They just listed off some of the most common symptoms that could be caused by anything and tried to attribute those minor inconveniences as reasons to stop eating meat.

  24. Shadow Lief says:

    That'd be my diet, if I wouldn't gain loads from it and it wasn't stupidly expensive. That being said micromanaging someone who is willing to cook for you is a mistake.

    Also, meat is only bad for your heart if it has a lot of fat in it. Chicken is stupidly healthy and not much of the meat he's eating is fried either, which is part of what makes it unhealthy.

  25. Around 5:20 mark lettuce on his burger 😂

  26. His gran was the one from the movie Leigon lmao 🤣

  27. MasterArrow says:

    I haven’t eaten meat in 8 years and I get headaches, stomach aches, etc. all the time. Might be the hours I work, but joint pain too. 🤷‍♂️
    It really doesn’t matter much what you eat. It just doesn’t. It’s about everything else. You can be vegan and overweight. Eat carbs and be skinny. They say “diet and exercise” for a reason. These tOtTaLlY rEaL shows just seem so preachy for no reason.

  28. I think anyone can eat what want as long it don´t try to convert anyone to their eating habit…that´s my biggest issue with all vegan I know, they jut tell it everywhere and speak only about it…and everysingle time they try to convert me…and why I let them eat grass for god sake, so they could let me eat meat, vegetable, fruits, eggs…etc….and he could go on medical examinatin, cause one of my friend end up in hospital, when his wife decide they going to be vegan…so in age of 32 he end up in hospital after all his teeth fall off and all hair fall off, because of some rare genetical disease in wich body must accept full form of some protein which is only in meat and in vegetable are only "ingrediance" for making one and his body is not able to do it…in the end his wife left him, cause she didn´t want to live with toothless beast and she even attack doctors, when they claim it´s her fault thank to her decision to became vegans

  29. imagine being poor, i bet being picky about what you eat wouldnt be such a major issue.

  30. How does one eat 150 pounds of anything?

  31. All that greenhouse gas shit is bull. Even if we did everything the environmentalists wanted it would only make a global temperature change of 0.05 degrees and that would be in approximately a 100 year period.

  32. At the 5:25 mark it looked like lettuce on that burger… WTF?!

  33. She's acting like he's smoking crack or something. He needs to leave her controlling stupid ass.

  34. CyberPsychoX says:

    There’s nothing wrong with someone eating meat. Hate the freaky eaters therapist and and that blonde bitch

  35. Darkdest666 says:

    just have him cook himself why does she have to do it?

  36. Dang his girlfriend is crazy meat kills people

  37. 5:26 he’s eating lettuce on that burger.

  38. X. Y. says:

    Those freaky eater hosts are just parroting what they've been taught much like the SAD. There are plenty of people who have lived years eating carnivore and they are healthy. Why does the wife need to cook him food? Just let him eat.

  39. Nixy 12 says:

    Actually, If he did go to the gym, that would mean his metabolism could go up. Which means he can eat more meat.

  40. XxSakarixX says:

    Aside from the hot dogs, I don't think there's a problem. Those people made him trash like 10$ worth of wings, screw their opinions. They brought that woman who eats French fries to a fondue place, they're idiots lol they don't even try to season these veggies, put in some effort guys, teach them how to meal prep.

  41. That bacon was not floppy. That bacon was fresh off the pig.

  42. 🖤🐨🖤🐨🖤🐨🖤

  43. X. Y. says:

    An extreme carnivore? Be interesting to see what his labs are.

  44. jay ellul says:

    Poor dude just tryna live his life
    SHe cant cook and doesnt know it

  45. jay ellul says:

    That study has been debunked

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