Mariners vs. Astros Game Highlights (7/8/23) | MLB Highlights | how to see who i’m following on facebook | #Mariners #Astros #Game #Highlights #MLB #Highlights | 2022

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#Mariners #Astros #Game #Highlights #MLB #Highlights , Mariners vs. Astros Game Highlights (7/8/23) | MLB Highlights | how to see who i’m following on facebook | Youtube Facebook | 2022

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#Mariners #Astros #Game #Highlights #MLB #Highlights
Mariners vs. Astros Game Highlights (7/8/23) | MLB Highlights
Mariners vs. Astros full game highlights from 7/8/23, presented by @coronausa

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how to see who i’m following on facebook

Mariners vs. Astros full game highlights from 7/8/23, presented by @coronausa

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  1. Mariners Series Lead 3-1

  2. Mariners Series Lead 2-0

  3. Dale Pidcoe says:

    Dale Pidcoe DuBoistown, Pa.
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  4. junior D. says:

    ………yep. I think it's about time to trade Framber Valdez.

  5. Bregman is niceeee🫑

  6. Jok Sal says:

    Can you hear me, Dr Woo?

  7. claira says:

    The moment Kolten Wong gets hot, the manager takes him out of the lineup. Scott Servais is an unbelievable guy.

  8. Marinero vs astroπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²βšΎοΈ

  9. I don’t know what was better: blanking the Mariners in the eighth after getting bases loaded with no outs or Maldy hitting the go ahead home run the Astros next at bat! Both heartbreakers for Seattle. Go Stros!

  10. When Martín hit that ball at the bottom of the 8th, he just knew it. What a spectacular game! ⚾️🌟

  11. Mariners fans are the biggest crybabies on the planet!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!!! When the Astros lose over 300 comments. When the Astros win less than 100 comments. Mariners fans at home crying!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!!! Stay mad baby girls.


  13. Javus Bonmon says:


  14. Jeremy PeΓ±a and the Houston Astros wins the third ballgame over Ty France and the Seattle Mariners βšΎπŸ”΅πŸŸ βšͺβ­πŸš€

  15. Of course it’s Maldonado of all people to hit the go ahead home run omg baseball is a crazy sport

  16. Neris 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  17. Peter Harris says:

    Really really poor baseball IQ by the ENTIRE Mariners team bases loaded nobody out and u don't even get 1? That's some really dumb stuff

  18. Joe Diaz says:

    Ump took away a couple high strikes away from Valdez that extended the inning to where they eventually scored. Maldonado also contributed to the Mariners scoring by allowing 3 stolen bases in which 2 runs scored for the Mariners as a result. With Maldy's 0 for 21 going into the 8th inning I was disgusted to see him batting in that inning instead of being pinch-hit for and was SHOCKED that the ball hit his bat for a homer!😲Cant believe the Rangers lost to the lowly Washington Nationals (a last place team in the NL East) and were able to pick up a game on them in the standings! Really amazing that the Astros, with all their injuries, are only 2 games out of the division race and we have Alvarez, Altuve, and Urquidy all expected to come back later this month in July – so, I'm really STOKED at the possibilities! GO STROS!!

  19. REVENANT says:

    Can't win them all. Hopefully we can still get series win tomorrow and head into the break above .500. Too bad Bryan Woo didn't get the run support he needed since he pitched very well overall.

  20. jeff Whitley says:

    That felt like a Playoff game. Glad the Astros won.. but boy it sure feels like Seattle is gunning for the Astros. And of course there is the Rangers. AL west is so much better this year, just wish the Astros could ride for a stretch with their A team. Damn all of the injuries. Crossing my fingers for the 2nd half with a healthy Houston team. GO STROS!

  21. Kattie says:

    LETS GO ASTROS!!! told ya they would come backπŸ˜‚

  22. Ian Cruise says:

    Ms have to start converting these loaded bases. As were there for the taking again

  23. IDK if there was many fans who didn't think it was over for the Mariners after failing to score in the top of the 8th with the bases loaded and nobody out! I mean it was just unfortunate that JP Crawford wasn't due up when the bases got loaded because he would've likely brought somebody home!

  24. ShAKe says:

    Let's go champppp

  25. Finalmente el 50 Β‘pero quΓ© pesadilla!

  26. Mariners 2023: The Living Manifestation of Mediocrity.

  27. tyson067 says:

    Damn it all Mariners

  28. Isaac says:

    Not the biggest win but I take the win Astros offense needs to show up.

  29. Keep the reds ⚾ highlights coming 🀟❀️⚾

  30. drbob s82 says:

    Worst game of the year. Disgusting.

  31. Hitting isn’t easy, but M’s need to get hits with bases loaded, no outs…couple times lately. GET IT DONE

  32. Astros πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  33. Paul Han says:

    Although, M's would not get the sweep in this series, they will bounce back nicely tomorrow.. πŸ™‚ That 8th inning killed us, what is wrong with the M's sometimes???

  34. Man oh man Framber pitched pretty well and our bullpen was good too Neris was in a jam but credit to him for getting out of it and keeping the Mariners at bay.

    As for our offense not going to sugar coat it but it is pissed poor right now has been for most of the season but we scored enough just to win thanks to Maldy hitting that HR but man we need to get better with our bats.

    All in all gusty win can’t ask much more let’s try to get this win tomorrow Stros and split the series so we can feel good heading into the all star break

  35. zacharyneumann1's comment has touched me in an incredible way. The grammar, the punctuation, the capitalization, the delivering, all just so important to this historic comment on a historic game. When Neris walked 3 people, I was crying, waiting for a response by zacharyneumann1. And when Neris touched the last 3 Mariners, I was struck. I knew the power of zacharyneumann1 had reached me. I am so lucky to have witnessed, and been a part of, a moment like this. His comment was so beautiful, I could see it in front of my eyes. This season has been an emotional rollercoaster, but with the power of zacharyneumann1 with me, Neris will throw a perfect game and hit for the cycle twice. And to sum this statement up, yes, Neris will take us far into the season.


  36. The 8th inning was typical Mariners baseball

  37. El Yaque says:

    Maldy jjjjj πŸ’ͺ

  38. Kev j says:

    Let’s go Astros!!! Split the series tomorrow against Seattle!!!

  39. Why tf did Servais pinch hit Murphy for Raleigh, with the bases loaded, none out, 8th inning in a 2-2 ball game? Raleigh is coming in cold, Murphy is 1-3 in the game and hitting well. Jeeezuzzzzz Christ Scott!! Ffs

  40. Let’s Go Astros!!! Amazing pitching throughout the game, and Neris getting out of the problem he created was the best part of the game (in my opinion) Maldonado gets his first hit in his last 20 at bats, and food game for a win πŸ‘

  41. SilentF0e says:

    Place was electric when Neris got the bases loaded with no outs, even more so when he got out of it

  42. Maldy was 0 for his last 20 when he hit the hr

  43. Michael Hyde says:

    Lost 3-2 to a opponent with their ace pitching, while our ace pitched yesterday. Not the end of the world. Let’s get them back tomorrow and go into the all star break with a win

  44. The Houston Astros are 50-44πŸ”΅πŸŸ βšͺοΈπŸš€

  45. I see so much potential in Neris, he had a rough start but managed to recover. I feel like he will carry our bullpen far into the season.

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