MaxLite 85watt Daylight CFL Light Bulb 1 | what does cfl mean on instagram | #MaxLite #85watt #Daylight #CFL #Light #Bulb | 2022

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#MaxLite #85watt #Daylight #CFL #Light #Bulb , MaxLite 85watt Daylight CFL Light Bulb 1 | what does cfl mean on instagram | Youtube Instagram | 2022

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#MaxLite #85watt #Daylight #CFL #Light #Bulb
MaxLite 85watt Daylight CFL Light Bulb 1
MaxLite 85watt Daylight CFL Light Bulb.
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what does cfl mean on instagram

MaxLite 85watt Daylight CFL Light Bulb.
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  1. Dan Chown says:

    That's one BIG CFL

  2. That sticker has thermochromatic ink in the white square that changes color when it gets to 180°F (says so on the label). It is most likely there to warn the user that the lamp is getting too hot, in which case it is probably reversible (many thermochromatic stickers are used for things like sterilization indication and are permanent; this one goes back to white when it cools).

  3. Shot97 says:

    They make all kinds of bulbs.The soft white bulb will look more yellow compared to a clear bulb, you're altering it with that coating.

    Use a few clear bulbs and you will think wow,that's a lot whiter.Higher watts also equal a whiter light.But is that necessarily good?Humans perceive yellows as more pleasing,more relaxing.Want a romantic evening?Candles,or low level lighting.I'd never make love under a pulsating noisy florescent light.With all these CFL's going in the trash,they're causing harm.

  4. Shot97 says:

    Go into a dark room with no other lights, then put on an incandescent light,don't look at the light but just look at a white piece of paper…and tell me that paper isn't the whitest thing you've ever seen.

    The problem now is that along with the incandescent lights you have TV's, phones, computers,which use florescent lights,your eyes are constantly battling for which source of light it should consider white.That's how you perceive a yellow tint,because you have blue tints around you.

  5. Shot97 says:

    There are all kinds of things in the atmosphere that cause the light from the sun to alter in ways. Put clouds in front of it, that alters it.You can put filters in front of an incandescent light and alter it.They have that "Reveal" bulb which puts a blue tint to bring the color temp higher.However,due to the glass interfering,you have less than 100 CRI, which means things don't look like they should.People think,oh wow,there is more blue,it's like the sun.You're just screwing with your eyes.

  6. Shot97 says:

    Our sky is blue due to atmospheric effects,the sun gives out bright yellow light. If you could make an incandescent light bright enough,it too would have a higher color temp.If you saw one of my other comments on the Color Rendering Index, tungsten and halogen lights are the ONLY lights to have a CRI of 100,which means colors are produced with 100% accuracy vs the sun.CFL's don't do that,mercury vapors don't do that, LED's don't do that.If you want something to look like it should,incandescent.

  7. Robert Gift says:

    I do not "notice" the 120 flashes per second flicker. But did slightly notice England's 100 fps flicker from their 50 Hz power.
    Our sun is yellow compared to other stars. Compared to incandescent filaments, sunlight has much more blue.
    I disagree with calling filament emission "daylight". It is much more yellow than sunlight. During the low voltage phase of the electrical cycle, in fluorescent emissions I see a brownish orange.
    Would like to see spectroscopy readings from the various lamps.

  8. Shot97 says:

    The only light bulbs to have a Color Rendering Index of 100 (daylight) is the standard incandescent or halogen light bulb. That means that colors are reproduced with 100% accuracy as they are in the sun.Your eyes adjust the white balance,just because it's yellow looking directly at it means nothing,it's white when looking at something white.All other lights have less, some substantially less.Just because a fluorescent matches the color temp of the sun does not mean it simulates the sun.

  9. Shot97 says:

    I think Irlen Syndrome is one of the diseases.They're sensitive to all bright lights I believe,but fluorescent lights are the worst.I've also read things on people putting Mercury Vapor lights in Zoo's and having animals and trainers become sick.These lights are popular for one reason only,they are cheap.When was the last time you saw a business do something for the good of the worker?They're everywhere because they're cheap and they don't care about you.

  10. Shot97 says:

    The flicker has a lot to do with it.The 60 Hz lights are the worst,I can see the flicker from those.But all of them flicker,even if your eyes don't notice it,it's still pulsating past them. But it's not just the flickering,the blue area of the spectrum is not a good area for your eyes.They say "daylight" because the color temp matches daylight,but the Sun is not BLUE, or white.It's YELLOW!!!!What light matches that the most?The Sun burns, fire burns, incandescent lights burn… It's natural.

  11. Robert Gift says:

    Do directions allow anything other than upright?
    Sideways seems that it should not be too hot, but maybe convective air circulation is too diminished if not upright.
    Have you e-mailed the company? But how does one prove ON hours? I have no idea about our CFL bulb hours.

  12. Robert Gift says:

    Must it be operated upright?
    Can you document the hours and complain to the company?

  13. Robert Gift says:

    Very interesting! Would love to see the studies. Could it be that fluorescent tubes emit 120 Hz flicker which incandescent bulbs do not?

  14. Shot97 says:

    I'm from Detroit which has 3 casinos. They make 100's of millions a year. There is not one fluorescent light in those joints. Places like that have a reason for everything they do. If they felt the savings from florescent lights was worth it, they'd do it… But they don't… They know that people under those lights are going to become strained, weary, depressed, whether they know it or not, it happens to people, some more than others. There is even a disease for those especialy effected.

  15. Shot97 says:

    But why would you want it to feel like daylight at night?I never understood why anyone would put anything over 3200 K in their house.I feel it's depressing,brighter than a comparable warm white (the human eye can get by on very little light, why offices feel the need to bombard their workers with lumen's I don't get.You'll notice all high end restaurants and even executive offices still use incandescent lights.For a reason, they make everyone feel better,they make you want to stay longer.

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