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September 4, 2022

Recover Hacked Facebook account services

$ 100,00

Do you need a developer to help you fix / delete your disabled or hacked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts? You are at the right place.

I will help you fix/ recover / delete your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account issues and get your account back for you with our strategies which have been tested and trusted, and customer satisfaction is my priority. You will then receive a notification from Facebook directly to your registered contact details. Please provide the link to your page that was hacked as you make payment on the checkout page and we shall attend to your crisis


  • Full access to Account
  • Permanent Recovery Deletion
  • 100% Effective
  • 100% work done
  • 100% Safe and secure

Please note

  1. We will start the process of recovering your page but it will ultimately be complete by the host company , whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  2. We will great a support ticket on your behalf which you will receive a reference number to trace the process.
  3. Some service like Twitter can complete the task in under 4 hours, but some services like Facebook have a 48 to 72 hour window before you get results. this is not in our control.
  4. We provide money back if we have failed to recover the account.
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