Pronouns Have Now Come Full Circle… | how to add pronouns on tiktok | #Pronouns #Full #Circle | 2022

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August 1, 2023
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#Pronouns #Full #Circle , Pronouns Have Now Come Full Circle… | how to add pronouns on tiktok | Youtube Tiktok | 2022

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#Pronouns #Full #Circle
Pronouns Have Now Come Full Circle…
#Shorts #TheCommentsSection #BrettCooper #DailyWire #Reaction #React #Politics #Culture #Entertainment #TikTok #NeoPronouns #Pronouns #Per #Person #Woke #WokeTikTok #WokeTikTokReaction #Cringe #TikTokCringe #CringeTikTok
how to add pronouns on tiktok

#Shorts #TheCommentsSection #BrettCooper #DailyWire #Reaction #React #Politics #Culture #Entertainment #TikTok #NeoPronouns #Pronouns #Per #Person #Woke #WokeTikTok #WokeTikTokReaction #Cringe #TikTokCringe #CringeTikTok


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  2. blondiemom25 says:

    When she said purr was on a bed, all I could picture is a cat on a bed.

  3. Morgan D says:

    its just a fight for attention: the more special and oppressed you act, the more people will start "poor you-ing" as I like to call it

  4. Adam Cobie says:

    I like how that sentence(s) was so convoluted that they had to write it down so they could say it correctly.

  5. Nadya D says:

    This is no longer English.. its a completely new language.. I don't recognise this as English

  6. How to speak Texan:
    Pronoun- yet another way for folks to describe generations of Inbreeding….
    Lol #CFH

  7. David says:

    I felt like I was listening to someone saying "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…"😂

  8. Simon Smith says:

    When you have zero problems but decide you must "be different". Then you decide to be exactly the same as every other numpty that uses these random pronouns. Way to be different 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  9. Julie Croff says:

    You said the person name use the name

  10. Akiza Izayoi says:

    Aside from touching grass, learn some new skills too. These people definitely do go outside but when they do, it's mostly them spreading their gender agenda.

    These people are just too damn bored that they have got nothing to do.

  11. Gallienus says:

    If that was my child I would consider myself a failure as a parent

  12. I guess the pronoun club need a script to read off of because they can’t remember the jibberish they speak and probably can’t afford they desperately need get a job

  13. Sad what some folks do to get attention – like making up pronouns.

  14. God… please flood the earth again…

  15. Crep 105 says:

    You guys remember that one scene in The Grudge where the teacher throws himself over the balcony? That was my last braincell when people started using neopronouns.

  16. You are a breath of fresh air, young lady, and I love your reporting

  17. Ewe says:

    Fluoride. Fluoride is in the water.

  18. Corey Church says:

    Is Rosie a cat? I don’t know, seems like a cat term. Learning about neo-pronouns hurts my head, learning isn’t as fun as it once was…

  19. My pronouns are X and Y

  20. Social media has been a great way to commence a world wide psych evaluation 😂

  21. 3parick says:

    Dude she can’t even use the pronouns correct she has to look off a script you can see her eyes veer to the left of the screen as she reads off of smth

  22. lucifer666 says:

    Will you marry me?

  23. Tony Edwards says:

    Insanity and lunacy are now the order of the day.

  24. kat says:

    the only good thing about LGBT is that i passed the pronouns quiz in english 🤷‍♀️

  25. Bill Radatz says:

    We need to seriously address this kind of mental illness

  26. Steve Smith says:

    When are these mentally ill going to die off?

  27. That woman was reading gibberish out loud.

  28. When this Country burn to the ground. Please don't look to Black People to save you when the lights go out forever and the AC don't work.

  29. My pronouns are F off!

  30. This is basically people making up new words and expecting people to start using them because you want them to.

  31. Da_Hubz says:

    People now more than ever are completely spoiled and entitled.

  32. Olunife O says:

    It's always the short-haired ones. They ALWAYS have a certain look. Smh

  33. J.Schultz says:

    "Kick rock's" lol😂😂

  34. No Games says:

    It does seem like she's talking about her cat. Whether she is or she isn't, still weird and crazy. Your cat doesn't need special pronouns either.

  35. No Games says:

    This is called a first world problem. These people don't have enough real problems in their lives so they create a few. This crap would not be tolerated in many other countries.

  36. Apparently victimhood is a hell of a drug

  37. Pronoun girl had to write that down and read it out for her video because she couldn't keep it straight all in her mind

  38. IsaiahZE says:

    Honest question, has anyone worked with anybody that actually uses the crazy pronouns? I’ve only worked with one person like this and I just used she/her pronouns for her

  39. David Welsh says:

    The 'pronoun" nuts are just that.. nuts.

  40. UnDeRProTesT says:

    First I'm not going to look at you second if you say hi to me I'm going to say get out of my way freak I got to get to work.

  41. All this reminds me of May Libs books!

  42. Ray says:

    62 yrs old, I finally know what a pronoun is now. 😂

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