Pronouns + Name ideas | how to add pronouns on tiktok | #Pronouns #ideas | 2022

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#Pronouns #ideas , Pronouns + Name ideas | how to add pronouns on tiktok | Youtube Tiktok | 2022

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#Pronouns #ideas
Pronouns + Name ideas
How to use certain pronouns and gender neutral name ideas!
how to add pronouns on tiktok

How to use certain pronouns and gender neutral name ideas!


  1. •advntr• says:

    my pronouns : xe/xem, they/them, and he/him 😀

  2. can anyone give an extremely closeted transmasc name ideas? (if you want looks – blond hair to my shoulders grey/blue eyes round face)

  3. urmom g says:

    1:20 uh oh! i found my deadname

  4. Alena209 says:

    I always think about these kind of pronouns like nicknames.

  5. You are not fucking animals, objects colors and stuff grow tf up

  6. Batim says:

    Hey!!! Small tip for people who can't come out about their pronouns, it may take a bit of mental gymnastics to change ur perspective on the words but it'll be worth it!! Make pronouns that SOUND like he/she, but spell them differently. Eg: hy/hym/hys/hymself

    It did take a while to try to perceive it as that when people referred to me, but honestly it's been really useful. They're not my preferred pronouns, but they are a LOT better then he/him, and I hope this helps some other people aswell!!

  7. Gjiana Isaac says:

    I know person called bug and a person called frog.

  8. I'm not out yet as FtM trans, but I was thinking Cason, or Cameron. But I know a Cameron and he's a total as***le, so if anyone has any suggestions for names that start with a C, plz reply to this comment. Thx!

  9. lonely one says:

    Okay so I go by different names based on my gender preference at the time (I’m genderfluid lol). Can I use more than one name or should I just chose one? Just looking for some advice :]

  10. Something that may help with uncommon pronouns are that they’re kinda like a name. So with the leaf/leafs one, imagine it’s that persons name. ‘ Sorry leafs schedule is very busy , so leaf can’t hang out. ‘
    ‘ Sorry ‘ Racheals ‘ schedule is very busy, so ‘ Racheal ‘ can’t hang out. ‘

    With the ‘ Leafself ‘, after practice, you’ll get there ♥️
    Keep trying

  11. FutureMint says:

    Ok Ren or Kyro for my name I think Ren

  12. fel says:

    Ahh, all the cool names are making me requestion what name I should use. I really want a unique sounding name, but there’s so many and they’re all really cool.
    Currently changed it to Valen after seeing it here, but there’s a lot more included here that are really good:’) I’ve switched names like over 20 times…

  13. Alyx says:

    i love writing stories, so im here for more diversity in my books

  14. BEN drowned says:

    And I have new names to add to my list of ones I like. Yay.

  15. 2:22

    Those are my pronouns!

  16. Me with my name ideas list every time I see a cool name: write that down, write that down!

  17. Me: A writer that likes giving their characters gender neutral names and like to diversify them
    Write that down, write that down!!

  18. First one: “you can name yourself Tree”

    Me giving myself a name that’s a type of tree: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

    Edit: 1:25 OMG OMG OMG EEE

  19. Chargles says:

    As someone whose name is Sticks and uses the pronouns they/xey/ey thx so much for making these compalations

  20. Apple juice says:

    I loved some of the names in some of those list. I found Kai on one of them and I've been seeing if I like using that name, but no one calls me Kai so idk yet.any advice? I also am out to most people but am not out to my family

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