Tech expert explains what Meta's large-scale layoffs could mean for the Bay Area | what does dw mean on snapchat | Youtube Snapchat | 2022

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July 20, 2023
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July 20, 2023

#Tech #expert #explains #Meta39s #largescale #layoffs #Bay #Area , Tech expert explains what Meta's large-scale layoffs could mean for the Bay Area | what does dw mean on snapchat | Youtube Snapchat | 2022

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#Tech #expert #explains #Meta39s #largescale #layoffs #Bay #Area
Tech expert explains what Meta's large-scale layoffs could mean for the Bay Area
As Meta, formally known as Facebook, is expected to lay off thousands of employees starting later this week, a tech expert says it may not be all bad news for the Bay Area. Here’s why.

#meta #layoffs #bayarea
what does dw mean on snapchat

As Meta, formally known as Facebook, is expected to lay off thousands of employees starting later this week, a tech expert says it may not be all bad news for the Bay Area. Here’s why.

#meta #layoffs #bayarea


  1. Smart Ass says:

    Now what has to halogen is to unblock everyone that the demosrwerrats blocked on Twitter and put free speech on Twitter going forward !!!!

  2. tammy bowen says:

    Facebook did this to themselves….and I personally hope they go out of business!

  3. Mike Wright says:

    Part of the problem with "Big Tech" is that they toss so much money around, hire everyone under the sun, and in many cases still don't produce products that create value or money. And, one day some downward earnings guidance comes out and suddenly thousands of people are fired. There are plenty of great tech jobs with large, established, profitable companies that offer plenty of challenging work. I think publically-traded companies are always going to be risky given that many of them have short-term EPS growth as their primary focus, but I'd rather work for a 100 year old, profitable company that produces products that people actually use and will PAY FOR then "social media" giants who rely heavily on advertiser dollars.

  4. hoapres says:

    Since the H1bs have all the tech jobs, Americans are rejoicing about tech layoffs.

  5. Don’t we want more ppl to leave tho. So rent won’t be so expensive

  6. N TP says:

    I'm sure most of them will have skills in making coffee, starbucks could hire them to share their expertise.

  7. Daniel Boone says:

    Haven't heard of any attorneys wanting to sue Meta for laying off so many at once. They sure went after Elon though.

  8. Glorified reddit mods. 😂 Your job isn't worth $100k yr

  9. Joaquin ben says:

    What does 11,000 employees do??? Code??

  10. arroz1971 says:

    They are spending millions on data centers all over the country. They keep buying property and building new structures. I would be questioning that.

  11. OMGTAT says:

    Blame it on the owner of Facebook for being in the government pocket on the censorship of Joe Biden son laptop.. blame it on the Facebook owner.. you know the old saying say what goes around comes around

  12. After they censored the truth about the virus, the vax, the safe repurposed medicines and supported the vilification of honest experts, Karma has arrived with a scythe.

  13. Poorly implemented virtual reality is a headache in more than one way.

  14. The thousands who lose their jobs with no other skill than throttling free speech remind me of the Donner Party. They lost the means to acquire food, lived off their supplies but quickly ran out, some resorted to cannibalism but still starved before the end of winter.

  15. Ron Mac says:

    zuck copied musk..

  16. BIGMIKE says:

    It doesn’t mean anything for the Bay Area nobody cares lolol people get laid off and life goes on like it never happened for the rest of us.

  17. usmannaeem says:

    The sad thing is they still are not willing to redesign, rework, shrink their business model from advertising or rediculous VR pipe dream.

  18. Suckerberg's stupid idea failed and working people had to pay

  19. Serve them right if they arent making their desired profits. They've scammed us businesses with their advertising methods. They take take and take and now after failed ads no one wants to put ads on Facebook. There's only so much people can take.

  20. H S says:

    Dumb californias love to vote for dims, now there is a small possibility with more build back broke, that stagflation will kill off many startups, tech, and a lot of them will be laid off. CA, NY will be most hurt under brandon's policies. Dumb lefties love voting against their own interest.

  21. What a spin this so called expert analyst. tells us. Nothing specific ,everything unnamed and uses the words, might, maybe, could. "Many might be hired for in person jobs", "companies outside the tech center might hire them". First, Tech is not hiring, Second, all theses layoff-ees had one non-marketable function, sitting around all day in bean bag chairs taking a break and banning posts. Non tech companies who may be hiring a very few people aren't looking for no talent coddled techie net surfing losers.On the magical and mythical hiring of thousands for "in person jobs", thats hysterical, these snowflake, coddled, safe space whining entitled millennial's who played all day are losing their jobs because they refuse to come back to the office. All this "expert said was "Some imaginary company not in the tech sector might hire them"

  22. Hahahaha … maybe they can learn to mine coal?

  23. As if the costs of living in the Bay Area aren’t stupidly high… those “in person jobs” best be paying a living wage because no one can afford to be homeless to make your business work.

  24. Timby says:

    I hope the lizardman permanently relocates to Mars and takes his employees there too. Fb had become a digital Pennysaver spam-central garbage.

  25. Irene says:

    These companies have run there course.

  26. Balthorium says:

    Good! Hopefully they fired the people who constantly banned me for disagreeing with the Democrats.

  27. Sneat says:

    These vapor companies like Facebook, Twitter, Meta and others do nothing for the economy. Twitter has been getting tax breaks in San Francisco for the past 9 years which saved them close to $100 Million. These types of companies put nothing back into the economy.

  28. UBUIBME says:

    I love this. I worked as a general contractor at their site in MP and I never seen so many self absorbed, entitled, spoiled, babies. I knew this day would eventually come. This will bring these people down to earth. Initially they'll think their worth more than they are when looking for a new job. Reality when set in and the salary levels will come down to earth. This is from someone that works on homes worth 8 figures. So I work around rich people. The FB/Meta crowd was different. 🤣

  29. JB says:

    He should pay those 6 months straight

  30. SoWhat59 says:

    Facebook is the new MySpace…😂😂😂

  31. He the leader of the broken meta verse

  32. supperhey says:

    Remember Detroit after the collapse of the automotive industry? Yeah

  33. Druid says:

    Good riddance!

  34. The classics never fail, so newspapers should make a comeback… really, bring back printed news and real journalists, enough of the self-proclaimed "citizen journalists".

  35. what Meta's large-scale layoffs could mean for the Bay Area?…

    🎵And a little bit of chicken fried

    Cold beer on a Friday night

    A pair of jeans that fit just right

    And the radio up

    I love to see the sun rise

    See the love in my woman's eyes

    Feel the touch of a precious child

    And know a mother's love🎵

  36. hamza malik says:

    Everyone knows this new tech wave was not going to last ! As a software engineer in Sacramento I chose a startup rather than the maang route.

  37. D G says:

    People who get laid may be less inspired. Just saying don’t forget that being laid off compromising mental health and this hurts performance a bit.

  38. err0r0b0 says:

    going to be a lot more they/thems homeless on the streets giving hand jobs for crack

  39. Wowzers this is close to home.

  40. ViveAprilia says:

    Honestly, what good have they brought to this world?

  41. Edysin Simon says:

    Also, I personally don't nor would ever buy Anything from the Facebook/metraverse platform, EVER!

  42. ViveAprilia says:

    So long wokesters!

  43. di. mythios says:

    A lot of could's and should's and if's and or's with this video. I live in Silicon Valley. I've seen too many people forgetting about the Great Recession, spending everything that they have while not saving for hard times. This is the life of people from GENERATION FAIL. Short term gratification. Short term mindset.

    So when they lose their jobs and NOW have too look at those that they SNEERED AT… those people who are just hanging on because of WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IN SILICON VALLEY… IMHO expect a cold harsh reception from those who were looked down on by GENERATION FAIL.

  44. Nguyen Pham says:

    Another great news, time to make them suffe, evictions, foreclosure,….

  45. Jeremy S says:

    Oh no… Someone y'all need to learn a trade 😂

  46. Nuomi Tang says:

    That’s what happen when you give zero standards to software development. They aren’t even users themselves. How could you expect this thing turning into a success.

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