Trump's tax returns show detailed look at reported income losses l GMA | can you see who reported you on instagram | #Trump39s #tax #returns #show #detailed #reported #income #losses #GMA | 2022 | how to see who i’m following on facebook | #httpsmfacebookcom103475009429157 | 2022
June 22, 2023
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June 22, 2023

#Trump39s #tax #returns #show #detailed #reported #income #losses #GMA , Trump's tax returns show detailed look at reported income losses l GMA | can you see who reported you on instagram | Youtube Instagram | 2022

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#Trump39s #tax #returns #show #detailed #reported #income #losses #GMA
Trump's tax returns show detailed look at reported income losses l GMA
The New York Times examined 18 years of the president’s tax returns and found he paid just $750 in federal income tax the year he won the White House.

Between the economy and coronavirus pandemic,
Biden keeps his advantage nationally: POLL:

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#GMA #Trump #TrumpTaxReturns #Debates2020 #NYTimes #BradParscale
can you see who reported you on instagram

The New York Times examined 18 years of the president’s tax returns and found he paid just $750 in federal income tax the year he won the White House.

Between the economy and coronavirus pandemic,
Biden keeps his advantage nationally: POLL:

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#GMA #Trump #TrumpTaxReturns #Debates2020 #NYTimes #BradParscale


  1. Erica Helton says:

    There is absolutely nothing that Donald Trump has done that as bad as white Biden is doing now !! at least Donald Trump can complete a sentence!

  2. Vernell Ron says:

    Thanks for the sweet video, i want to use this opportunity to say a big thanks to ms Jane investment platform i was so scared investing at the first time now I'm enjoying it now.

  3. GMA is a Show full of hate people who watch this just want to watch
    something to hate.. Trumps gone you are now all out of the job lol as
    you now have nothing that your viewers care about

  4. The Biden administration should immediately pass legislation requiring all government officials from the President down to the least powerful to make their income tax records for the preceding 10 years available on request.This would make sure that crooks would not accept government apointments. We would have seen the last of Trump.

  5. Juju Rellama says:

    Bot don’t know sht. Get educated

  6. Juju Rellama says:

    All are losing money. German Airline was propped up w 10 billion in tax money. A lot of airlines are on the brink of bankruptcy. The whole tourist industry is on the brink. Don’t talk abt Trump

  7. John Duque says:

    I would rather see the tax returns from a politician that made millions while in office. Rather than see the returns of a millionaire that turned Politician

  8. That’s why Trump decided he would finally run for president. The American dream is what everybody looks at coming to America for. This has been the country where anyone who has ambition, and is willing to work hard can have a successful life. But with the years under the leadership we’ve had that American dream has been fading away, at least for the average person. Our politicians have been selling out their seat in government to special interests, and have brought us to the point where the thought of starting a small business, growing it and living out the American dream is nearly imposible for the average citizen. Politicians have made a monopoly of our economy, and only the wealthy rich people who already have successful companies can afford to risk investing in a new business idea, and basically eliminated any competition from anyone starting from the bottom. No one is looking to start a new business knowing how high their risk of not making a profit, and failing truly is, and many who didn’t know just how high that risk was tried to and lost everything. This is what the rich, and established people pure so much money into politics. They wanted to buy politicians to control how our economy would function. They impose higher taxes but have loopholes set up for them to take advantage of. So small businesses struggle staying open, while they just take the profits from their company and invested into whatever new business they want. And the way it’s set up they claim those earnings they spent on an experiment business and claim it as business expenses. So in their taxes they show very little, to no profits made. Then the first few years the new business keeps reporting losses while they’re investing in it to make it a big company, and meanwhile they’re paying no taxes, and getting tax credits from losses that they get to claim later once their new company is making them lots of profits. Those credits they got from the few years they took losses are applied to their tax returns, and they pay very little to no taxes at all.
    Trump saw how hard it was getting to make a profit, and taxes was just getting even higher and higher. He felt like it was getting ridiculous, and something had to give. So like everyone does when it comes time to file your taxes, and you have very little to show for all the work you’ve done all year. Trump hired a good accountant to help him figure out how to reduce the taxes he had to pay by claiming tax credits that he was entitled to. Then he found all the dirty tricks the wealthy big established people do. Trump found the loop whole politicians created for them to take advantage of, while they continue to raise our taxes, and suck the rest of us dry. Trump did what any smart business man would do, and what all the big corporations and successful company been doing. Trump just played the system using the same loopholes the cheating rich bastards bought from our politicians.
    It’s no wonder Trump has many failed businesses, and if you look at any other successful billionaire’s taxes you would find many failed businesses they suffer big losses in. It’s only their decoy to spend money on whatever they want, but be able to label those expenses as businesses related, and get out of paying taxes. After a few years of reporting millions in losses they receive huge credits which they apply later on in future tax filings.
    Biden wants to raise our taxes back up, and he knows about the loop holes, but doesn’t plan on doing anything about those. Why? Because the wealthy are funding his campaign, and he’s indebted to them. It’s why it’s called pay for play. You can do these things for us when you’re elected, and we’ll fund your campaign to make sure it happens.

    Trump got sick of that game, he knew the American dream was dying, and that his grandchildren would have to live with this new America where the economy is monopolized by the very wealthy corporate elites and they would basically have to be slaves to them. And Trump wasn’t having it. Trump would run for President, try to clean up our government, and bring back the American dream if it’s the last thing he does in his life to give his grandkids a chance at a better life like the one he was privileged to be able to live.
    It’s not hard to imagine what it must be like to at one point in your life be at the top of the world, to all of a sudden have to struggle just to keep up with the lifestyle you got used to living, see how, and why it’s all happening, and know what needs to be done to fix it, and bring everything back to the way it was doting his successful days when he considered the country was great. Trump just wants to make America great again, and keep the American dream alive.

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  10. thedooperman says:

    I have never seen a really rich guy to boast "I am really rich."

  11. Alan Morris says:

    Everyone else who doesn't pay taxes goes to prison, so why is Trump an exception?

  12. #$$#$# bruise wayne #$#$ usa

  13. So does that make him eligible for a stimulus check…lol. I still haven't gotten the first 1

  14. And his cricket self still won't be impeched

  15. Graf says:

    Where have we seen this before?

  16. Brina Marie says:

    Hah! If this were legitimately true, how could the Democratic government done such a poor job of overlooking the taxes of someone as important as a president over a course of YEARS? And second, since you wanna fact check using communist news network, why don’t y’all start showing ACTUAL evidence instead of “This breaking report shows that so and so said such and such about Trump. This obviously makes it true. Because it’s Trump. And we don’t like him. And we are the voice of EVERY American. And if you disagree it’s definitely because you’re a racist which you should immediately denounce in the face of antifa.”

  17. Go find a billionaire or millionaire whose accountants DON'T know tax law. It's not illegal to use tax breaks and loopholes. Educate yourselves. The IRS would be all over him if laws were broken. DERP!

  18. Fake news…again🙄
    Be better. The American people aren't stupid.

  19. hunterrgntr says:

    Its not going to matter to his zombie cult. They will just label this as a smear campaign against their dear leader. Then they'll all drink their kool aid and lie down for him.

  20. Jay Kline says:

    He paid less taxes than a school teacher while he was living in a golden palaces. Fuck this immoral piece of shit.

  21. Leah Backman says:

    Karma's a bitch huh trumpey dumptey!! Lock him up

  22. k b says:

    Who's paying for all these rallies he keep having the tax payer/himself?

  23. How can the government not make trump show American's his taxes, he MUST release his taxes before Election day. Transparency, Accountability from trump.

  24. How can a guy as crooked as that be in the Presidency.

  25. Marrianne R. says:

    Dippo the Conman Dipshit. Even "short" changed the hookers. That's what tiny hands get you.

  26. gdyl091358 says:

    Why did this information come out now you ask?
    Don't go there and act as if Trump was done an injustice, the American people HAVE BEEN BIG TIME SCAMMED BY A FRAUD!

  27. gdyl091358 says:

    Trump is a tax scammer, bully, and the biggest fake and fraud in the world.
    And those Republicans who are worried how NYT got ahold of this information should be worried instead about WHY YOU WANTED TO HIDE SUCH IMPORTANT INFORMATION from the American people.
    What else are you Republicans hiding? How many of you are bought by Russia?
    America isn't great under Trump, it's bought!
    Russia owns Trump and the Republican Party.

  28. Well what can you expect ??

  29. Despite Fauci's warning, make an exception for voting. Bullies/opposition will be targeting people wearing masks. Be safe, but be PREPARED!

  30. glowtotchi says:

    Why trump face have weird color? His cheeks are like breads and his ears are like uncooked poultry… Yet he is the president. Must be a devastating moment for any make up artist…

  31. Money Laundering all his life😶 learned from his dad Fred..The whole family does it very well😶🤥😶🤥😶🤥

  32. Joe Blow says:

    Biden signed the Tax Law that allowed this….. Collusion again

  33. Ian Muir says:

    The irs treat me very very badly;there there here’s §72 Millionen Dollars for you how do you feel now ?

  34. Chela Buford says:

    Everyone treats him very, very badly according to him.🤷‍♀️🤨🤦‍♀️

  35. In all the next public president Trump interviews at least once this question should be asked: when shall we see your tax returns?. Maybe one day he shall cave-in, maybe? Vote.

  36. Today’s much watch video exposing corruption is from Steve Reed a victim of their fraud.

  37. Business deductions are LEGAL ! !
    GET OVER IT ! ! ! Years ago Warren Buffet boldly claimed that his secretary pays more in taxes that he does. How much better would your own financial matters be WITHOUT BEING OVER-TAXED ❓

  38. John Yang says:

    If it is legislated tax law, whats the big deal. He wasnt a very good businessman. Forget about it! Losers focus on winners. Winners focus on winning!

  39. You would think that the actor was exaggerating if someone portrayed his actual character in a movie.

  40. Vote him out and lock him up!

  41. Dr. Acula says:

    nobody cares, remember that hurricane in Puerto Rico? Did they get that aid? You guys check in? Remember Iran was gonna retaliate? Remember NK was gonna nuke us? Remember school shootings? David Hogg? That bald latina chick? Remember those racist recordings they had? Remember Avenatti was gonna be the candidate to beat Trump? Remember Robert Mueller? Nah? lol there's more

  42. Mekumcream82 says:

    Idk why he's so against socialism, he's so poor, it would help him

  43. J Godöy says:

    Is called O.F.M, other fools money.

  44. Dennis White says:

    Rumor's say. Propagada says. Get your facts straight. You call this journalism? How you supported Obama's run without a birth certificate or the billions stolen by those you support with fake news would be journalism. Your creating the most misinformed generations in history. You say he's the first president who has not shown his tax records. He is the first to be asked to. Your steady watchers are dumber than any rock on this planet. Thats on you.

  45. It's Great that America is a forgiving Land and can give someone like Joe Biden who has supported racist causes like denying black children access to better schools a chance to be President.

  46. Now it's time for all the good morning America to all show there income tax as well.

  47. History and pattern of domestic ‘strife ‘ in his administration.

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