What are your pronouns? TikTok cowgirl_prozac | how to add pronouns on tiktok | #pronouns #TikTok #cowgirlprozac | 2022

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#pronouns #TikTok #cowgirlprozac , What are your pronouns? TikTok cowgirl_prozac | how to add pronouns on tiktok | Youtube Tiktok | 2022


#pronouns #TikTok #cowgirlprozac
What are your pronouns? TikTok cowgirl_prozac
how to add pronouns on tiktok



  1. kjurp jdpihe says:

    Maybe she wsnt from the us. In Europe prenom means first name it is very close to pronom wich means pronouns. Maybe she tought their name was theythem

  2. ♡Kissy♡ says:

    She/They you can use either!

  3. SLisa says:

    Let's be honest, this is the best Karen ever

  4. The best part of speaking in the second person is that you don't have to offend anyone who thinks they can choose their own pronouns. She just didn't realize that you don't use third person pronouns when talking directly to someone

  5. At least this Karen actually tried 😂

  6. Had to fever all the bases

  7. Angel says:

    I get the feeling the customer didn't know a gender neutral equivalent sir/ma'am so she just themed you

  8. noah says:

    i never understand why people do this. after i came out i told my parents to call me their son instead of daughter (i was using they/them at the time) and my dad would go “my they/them” or “okay they” like … what.

  9. Did you ask them their pronouns cause you just called them her lol (btw I'm glad everyone in my country uses she/him pronouns so I don't have to ask anyone or risk upsetting anyone lol)

  10. that dont even make sense like why not ask for their name instead cause who would be like
    “well she/her or he/him the service was terrible” like thats just bad grammar lmfao

  11. diversity win! the person that cursed you out on your job uses your preferred pronouns!

  12. She's a bit confused but she's got the spirit

  13. chkingvictim says:

    “custies” LMAOO

  14. GamerboyVA says:

    I mean, it was bad that she just said that, but it was good that she first asked for your pronouns

  15. Karen is learning

  16. Milan Mohan says:

    All they/them s look really weird

  17. I hope your pronouns eat your behind. And you too.

  18. I thought the earmuffs were puppies 😩

  19. Titikshaditi says:

    I thought he had a snake wrapped around his neck 🥴

  20. Those earmuffs are terrible as well

  21. G. Leigh H says:

    I hope you get the help that you truly need. Genuine science that tests DNA proves the reality that you either have an X chromosome, or a Y chromosome. Which makes you either a girl or a boy. There are no alternatives. Deception doesn’t disprove science and truth

  22. Katarina M says:

    In most languages pronouns they them are used for formal conversation. This can only be a thing
    in English. People are bored with themselves

  23. Confused man, confused.

  24. SefidWhite says:

    This is how we like our Karens

  25. "Ok she/her, you can leave without it affecting my paycheck."

  26. trombs says:

    well thats a man. i think

  27. Aidan Scirpo says:

    I’m throwing up watching this video

  28. Halal Meatz says:

    Hmmm. Biggest symptom of an infantile, entitled generation. Anybody complains, about anything, and the entire comment section is quick to label her a karen. With no context. How about the service WAS probably terrible. It was probably staffed by a bunch of entitled, infantile children, like the commentators of this video, who are beyond rebuke, and calls their customers custies while posting videos at work instead of offering customer service, for which they are paid. Go figure. 🤷. Bunch of brats.

  29. So is this not respectful to say we can't automatically know just by looking at you that would be making assumptions

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