What Does The CFL & XFL Merger Mean For The Future Of Football? | Tim & Friends | what does cfl mean on instagram | #CFL #amp #XFL #Merger #Future #Football #Tim #amp #Friends | 2022

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#CFL #amp #XFL #Merger #Future #Football #Tim #amp #Friends , What Does The CFL & XFL Merger Mean For The Future Of Football? | Tim & Friends | what does cfl mean on instagram | Youtube Instagram | 2022


#CFL #amp #XFL #Merger #Future #Football #Tim #amp #Friends
What Does The CFL & XFL Merger Mean For The Future Of Football? | Tim & Friends
With a possible CFL-XFL merger in the works, Tim Micallef wonders how much of the Canadian game would be lost in such a deal and why it matters so much to so many Canadians.

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what does cfl mean on instagram

With a possible CFL-XFL merger in the works, Tim Micallef wonders how much of the Canadian game would be lost in such a deal and why it matters so much to so many Canadians.

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  1. I’ve watched NFL games, majority are dull!! Perfect plays are boring! I like risks, screwups fumbles keystone cop plays, unpredictable, speed, the humanist aspect of this sport.in cfl to me every game has a little theme like story, and you never know what gonna happen, sure there is the odd blow out and dull games. But I’ve watch cfl since child, and I can tell you majority are at least interesting, but when exciting it’s a big treat, rarely are these games dull. Perfect sports belongs in golf , tennis, Olympic s. But football is and should be a mosh mash of things, not just same old perfect sport game NFL don’t take enough risks.And football is only a game for gods sakes not end of the world. I’d rather see a thriller and my team lose then a dull one and my team win. So what if Canada has small league, it’s a small country in population. Too many teams sports get saturated. NHL too big now. I will never understand why many Canadian s cannot go out and enjoy a good professional football game with family or friends and just have a good time, without having the snobbery factor” oh, it’s, not NFL”, so what? I’ve seen their games, they are not any better. But it’s what people want. But stop negative press, and try supporting and encourage people to go. I realise you have to report news. But to me it smacks of bias, like you want league to die. You should tell other side of story, even if just good community work by the league, a football player becoming a dad, fund raisers, etc, you have to keep it positive too. Or don’t report news at all , if nothing good to say. I’m sick of the negativity, when CFL and staff has worked so hard to keep league going. And I do agree, it can’t survive without fans. But it is and always has been a wonderful peice of Canadiana, an institution, many great sports memories. This generation doesn’t understand this, want NFL, But whatever happens s
    CFL should be honoured and respected for its trials, tribulations, victories it has sustained over the years. They never gave up when things looked bleak, kept going, it is called perseverance. !! That’s what a football game is supposed to have, and CFL has performed like that. But it gets put down as an inferior sport, it is not, that’s just stereotypical snobbery. If league does come to an end as I know, it. It gave a good run for over . 00ne hundred years. Every comment I see bear is mostly negative. If you want NFL get your NFl. I’m 62, I’m not old I’m not dead,and know what good football is. I’ve seen NFL games. CFL way more exciting. Whatever happens, I hope people appreciate what this league gave to our country if it does end. It does not deserved to be treated like an inferior, it never was, but many still don’t see that. Anyway try have something positive to say, .


  2. What real football fan hates the CFL? That's like hating PAC 12 football. CFL not going anywhere. Worse case 1 or 2 teams and not anytime soon. My opinion is that it's only a matter of time before American billionaires come sniffing around. Eventually 125 years of heritage and brand value is going to get noticed.. Similar to what happened to BPL in the 90s and what almost just happened with the biggest Euro franchises almost all owned by American Billionaires.

  3. I agree with most of what you say, but what the heck is a rocket surgeon?

  4. its just time I'm sick of the leagues problems outside covid19…every single team has fell apart at least once lots 2wice…its JUST TIME!!!

  5. johnnybg99 says:

    I'm from the states and have watched the CFL for years. Got to attend a handful of games when I was in college marching band (we were the novelty halftime show). I fell in love with the 3 downs, the multiple motion, the passing, the wide open field. The game just works better and is way more entertaining IMO. Losing the uniqueness of the CFL will make professional football worse overall. It's a totally different product, as different as NCAA is to the NFL. Truly sad to hear it's most likely dead on its feet…

  6. IF Dennis Parks was on The Gong Show singing O Canada like he was singing O Christmas Tree, he should of been gonged a long time ago, that being said another expansion into the US is only going to work for the CFL is if they don't go really that far south and just go to cities that don't have any Pro Football at all like Portland, Oregon and Rapid City, SD or Louisville, KY otherwise it is not gonna work

  7. Doug Fraser says:

    After all the rule changes it's not going to be football. It'll be the crap already being played in the south.

  8. 777blueray says:

    We don't need the XFL,keep the CFL Canadian.The XFL won't last again.

  9. Ramesh says:

    Here is one suggestion. No changes to the Canadian version except one, 4 downs instead of 3. Anymore changes and the Canadian identify will be lost.

  10. If the CFL was to fold tomorrow. What would you do then? Why would you start it up again, knowing that your young fans and attendance will drop year after year? Your major markets have to be winners to stay afloat. Starting over doesn't get rid of the main problems. A new mom and pop store doesn't stop Wal-Mart or Home Depot. What you want reality to be is not what everyone else is voting with their time and money. I hope the CFL survives, but wishing isn't paying the bills. The US isn't the enemy…Canadians are the ones putting an end to the CFL.

  11. Gord McNulty says:

    Tim's observations are excellent. I've always been a CFL fan and am totally opposed to a CFL-XFL merger. I don't like the way Ambrosie is going about it, emphasizing "entertainment" as opposed to drawing a line in the sand to rule out a merger right from the start. The XFL isn't the kind of operation the CFL should be considering joining with, period. If a merger happens, I'll enjoy my CFL memories but will more than likely move on to something other than CFL/XFL.

  12. Thomas Hayes says:

    Hell, I'd say let them keep their Canadian rules as long as they start pronouncing the OU sound properly. No American wants to hear "and it's another two and oot!"

  13. Actionronnie says:

    I'm going to keep it simple,cause I could write forever about this and the attention span of people now is short.

    Add a 4th down and I'm out just like I left the CFL during the 90's U.S. expansion era.

    A 4th down likely kills football from the ground up in Canada.

  14. Imagine if the CFL and XFL team up

  15. If the 'major markets' of eastern Canada don't support CFL drop them. Play one division, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Edmonton and BC. The west is leaving Canada anyway so let's take the CFL with us.

  16. odsonic says:

    The state of the world is changing the CFL..own government wont let them play..so its stuck in the mud while every other american pro sport is still going ..full season or not there still playing

  17. in high school1988 toronto..we played 4downs always..

  18. MatterMote says:

    The CFL is dead. You want to save it, get behind this merger because the taxpayer is not bailing you out and fan bases are stagnant at best. Personally, I could care less what happens, not a fan. But, sports is a business afterall.

  19. Interesting points here. As an outsider appears CFL needs XFL more. As a result XFL has leverage.

  20. Meowza Katz says:

    If you listen carefully, I'm pretty sure that anthem wasn't "Oh Canada" but actually "O Christmas Tree"

  21. Jay Bryant says:

    I think a merger would be a good idea. The problem the CFL needs more teams to give it some credibility. 9 teams is just not enough competition. Plus the league got laughed at when they asked for financial aid. Maybe a merger and possible name change would be a good thing. Going to a smaller field and 4 downs would help market the game in the south, and possibly even up here in the north. Who knows. If changing some of the rules means that the CFL teams could go from a 35.000 to 40.000 seat stadiums to 70.000 or 80.000 seats I think that would be a good thing. I am not completely trashing the CFL. Keeping the 18 to 20 game schedule, most of the rules and the Grey Cup would give it its own identity. But let's face facts. You will never compete with the NCAA or the NFL EVER! So in order to be successful you would probably have to start the season in February or March.

  22. Jay Bryant says:

    In this guy's defence he was an American doing the Canadian national anthem. Now let's talk about Tom Cochrane "A CANADIAN" and his game 2 of the world series blunder. The best thing that happened to him was that upside-down flag accident.

  23. ElvisGFX says:

    Just watched from Cleveland, Ohio. Sucks that the CFL is in the situation it's in but luckily The Rock has deep pockets and the XFL is not the NFL, They want to be distinct and different than the classic american game that the NFL plays. So they will be more open to fixing and compromise on rules and gameplay than the NFL would ever be. The CFL also has the leverage of a 100 year brand. If fans can embrace it on both sides it will work, if not then the XFL fails again and the CFL goes down with it.

  24. Honestly, I've hated Sportsnet for what you guys did to (and still are doing to) the Sens, but Tim you do bring up some very valid points, if this merger in any compacity with the XFL is what keeps this league afloat in the long run and as someone who was a massive fan of the Renegades having been there literally at the beginning (Was at the first game) then having ripped from me and many others by Americans and then getting back under homegrown leadership it becomes a minefield of emotions, I do agree, concessions must be made but on both sides. The XFL doesn't have the sway in any from other than that of the Rock to demand the CFL give up it's identity. It is clear from the last XFL season that Vince McMahon was looking north for inspiration to see how to create a stand out identity. Certain rules need to stick for a product to be great, 3 downs and the Rouge as well as the 20 yard endzones like your said forces game play. 2 minutes left in an NFL game and you got 3 timeouts and 4 downs and 40 seconds each down. It takes forever like basketball to playout, there is no force to play, its just run, run, run. or kneels. or, if you have no timeouts and the other team has a fresh set of downs on the wrong side of the 2 minute warning then well the game is over with more than 40 seconds left on the clock. 2 kneels and the game is done.

    With 3 downs and the CFL's timing rules (The XFL uses 25 seconds so that's good) and with 2-3 minutes left in the game you only have 1 timeout to use, and you can't just rest on your laurals if you have the lead in your own end of the half. It forces you to play the game, and not just run, run, run but to try to gain yards, to try to do something that could be risky. so you throw on 1st down with a short slant to try to gain a few, the pass lands incomplete. Now it's second down and you got 10 yards to go, you got to pass it or trust in your O-Line to block for a massive run. If you don't get it now it's 3rd down and you have the option, Punt it to pin them down or go for it. If you punt you still leave them with more than 1:30 left, if you go for it, you are in your own end with more than a minute 30 left. This rule means a lot cause it forces game play. It's not just tradition. 3 Downs create the maximum amount of gameplay possible where 4 downs lowers the amount. That's why, these rules, as you said create gameplay, need to stay.

    And You know what, lets learn from what we did in the 90's in the US, and try to build something better. If it stuck in one city, it can stick in many more.

  25. TIL Tim would be in favor of someone winning the Grey Cup in a tie game with a few seconds left on a missed FG. The Canadian game is boring and pedantic, and the rules make no sense, and often feel like they exist so they could make it a novelty. If they used actual football rules, literally no one would watch, because NCAA and NFL are vastly superior products. The only way they could carve a niche was by making it so diametrically different than what football actually is, that it's borderline a different sport. And honestly, you should be glad for an XFL merger, maybe having a little bit of money at their disposal would help the players not have to work three part time jobs just to make ends meet. I lived in Tuscaloosa for 11 years, and Bryant-Denny stadium seats more people than half the cities in Canada. According to a literally two second google search I just did, the average CFL attendance for the decade of the 2010's was just over 25,000. There are division 3 colleges in the US that get more than that. I live in Calgary (a city of well over a million people) atm, and routinely get offered $15 Stampeders tickets when I buy groceries, and aside from the odd exception, they can't even come close to selling out, despite being one of the best teams in the league in recent memory. Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, has a capacity of 101,821, and it sells out EVERY game in a city of under 100,000 people, and isn't even anywhere close to the biggest stadium in the country. So you can pontificate all you want from your holier-than-thou "Everything Canadian is by default better than the US" because of patriotism or whatever, but that doesn't change the fact the CFL is vastly inferior on literally every level. To the point that I, a dual citizen, would strongly argue it isn't even football.

  26. Martin says:

    If Canadian football wants to grow than perhaps we should adapt. I get it that our rules are different but I think those rules suck compared to NFL.

  27. Jon Whick says:

    Never know with the rock he may say keep the 3 down football one thing we got going the rock played in the CFL and he gets it so wait and see

  28. If the CFL is as entertaining as Corner Gas, count me in.

  29. I never cared for the import/export rule. Let the best players play, and pay them a fair wage.

  30. As the XFL was a failure the CFL should be calling all the shots here. The reality is the XFL needs the CFL, not the other way around. Also Toronto losing it's franchise would not matter to the majority of people, obviously Toronto itself does not care. If there is any consideration of major fundamental changes like ending the 3 down game, field/Endzone size, that should be a deal breaker right from the start. This I fear be just like expansion in the US, a complete and total failure. The CFL game isn't broken like the NFL game is where outside of a few franchises it is a bore fest week in and week out.

  31. WP Flesh says:

    I love what the CFL offers I love what American Football offers….As a guy living in the southern United States and a growing an Alabama fan can we please let the 2013 Iron Bowl die (with those blasted trees at Toomer’s Corner) I really hope Dwayne keeps that virus of a league the XFL away from the CFL

  32. Chad Cronk says:

    As long as I can keep taking my family to Rider games (and any other football games in Canada) they can play 8 downs for all I care.

  33. Robert King says:

    Pfffffff !!! … the dummies not learn there lesson last time they tried that stupid U.S. expansion ?????

  34. James Nason says:

    I don't watch either so I don't care.

  35. Just admit da XFL needz da CFL and da CFL needz da XFL.

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